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Knitted Wool Pocket Scarf

Pocket Scarf

I found this pattern in a book I borrowed from the library. It is a hand knitting pattern but I adapted it to the Bulky Machine. This can be done on any machine even without a ribber if you want to reform the stitches. The pattern calls for 10 ounces of Homespun yarn by Lion Brand. Will have to check that yarn out.

The book is called 24-Hour Knitting Projects by Rita Weiss. The author of the pattern is Sandy Scoville. She calls it a Pocket Shawl. I made it a scarf and wish I had done it as a shawl.  Her finished size is 12 inches by 64. My finished scarf is 6 inches by 63 inches.

I just wanted to try it and I have  a thick navy yarn that was too thick for the brother standard. Yep, that will work. Searched and found it. Knit, knit , knit and all finished. Uh, no, I grabbed the wrong yarn and did not realize it until I went to post this blog! lol  I ended up making it in Nordic Classic Wool by Heirloom.  This project took 4 ounces of yarn. And to make matters worse, it states what tension to use on the Brother. I used tension 5.. and it suggests 8.. but don’t know if that is using the standard or bulky-doesn’t say.

Oh well, it is a less than 24 hour project. The color is navy even though it looks royal blue. It is the lights in my knitting room that throw the color off.  You could put a buttonhole in the pocket but I just put a button on to decorate.

It is unique how the pockets are sewn on the sides. The edge of the pocket fits right into the groove made by the purl stitch in the 3 by 1 rib scarf. You don’t stretch the pocket to fit. You can see that in the pictures in the drop box.

If anyone wants to try it, you can get the book from the library or go to my drop box for machine conversion pattern.