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Knitted Bib Overalls Wine Bottle Cover on the Bulky



I saw the cutest wine bottle cover in a denim fabric in the hospital gift shop. I thought it was so cute. I wondered if I could knit it. I had the first one I made in a Christmas green come out the right size and fit . It was so plain. So then I knitted the red one and put a motif on the pocket and added a hat. So now I am at Joann fabric store with my girlfriend and I was looking for a yarn in blue denim and I came across camo. Bingo! I am going to do one in camo for fisherman. This outfit looks like the waders that fisherman use. Okay, I searched for a miniature fishing rod and they have ones that are six inches which are perfect. I have to buy them. So then I think, okay this could work for a hunter too. So now I have to look for a bright orange yarn for the hat . I found a miniature gun already. I was thinking this would be a cute gift to give a fisherman or a hunter for a birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Then all of a sudden ,Boom, a light bulb goes off in my head and I thought , how about an army soldier! Lol. So off I go to knit another one and I put my husbands army pin on the pocket. So, do I try to make a helmet or a cap. I got out my crochet hook and crocheted a hat with the brim. I am looking for a little sign that says “Thank you ” or ” Welcome Home” to put in the pocket . I am thinking something like this might sell. How nice to give a gift to say thank you for your service.

Okay, you can stop laughing at my ideas. 🙂 Joann fabrics was out of the little suspenders that I wanted. They only had the large ones. So I found a fabric gatherer and used the ends of it instead. I could use buttons also but the suspenders let you open the top to put the bottle in.

I did a tension swatch and then I drew the pattern on paper. Then I cut the pattern out and held it to the machine like a knit leader to tell me when to decrease for the front and back. I ended up doing the straps as bias strips where you decrease on one side and increase on the other. The first one I made a front and back separately. The second one I did in one piece until the shaping for the front and back. I took one side off on waste yarn while I worked on the other. When I was finished, I sewed the side seam and then crocheted around the whole thing. The red yarn is worsted, very thick, and maybe it is the One Pound . The camo is red heart super saver and is thinner. Surprisingly, I did a tension swatch and both patterns work out about the same give or take a stitch or two or a row or two. I also could have started this circular but it is not so hard to sew up a short side seam. Besides, I did a weaving cast on for gathering at the bottom.

Hmmm….I wonder what a felted one would look like. lol







Christmas In July


My hubby is home from the hospital so now I can play around. My friend in Maine sent me a cone of sock yarn that is cream in color and you can dye it. She had been talking about dyeing yarn so I asked her about it. I tried it with food coloring but I want to get to the real dyes now. Well, yesterday I looked at an email and their was a message for sock patterns on the circular sock machine. I went to this site

and found this adorable wine bottle cover done on the sock machine. The problem was that I did not have sock yarn in red or green. Oh, I know, I can wind off the small amount of the yarn my friend bought me and dye it!! So last night I was up until 12:30 dyeing the red and green amounts of yarn. Today, it was dry and I knitted this wine bottle cover. I have to tell you a couple of things. First of all I would end the last two rows doubling up stitches and then knit two rows and take off on tail of yarn. Minor detail but it is easier gathering less stitches. Second, you can knit this much, much, much ,faster (lol) on the flat knitting machine but not doing the body of it circular. For machine knitters you can just do the ribbing , go right into the body. Change the colors for the bands and hang the hems  and continue to the end. Then you just have to sew the seam. Granted, I love this without the seam and it is finished when you take it off of the machine. It was so nice of this lady to give this pattern for free. She did all the hard work figuring length of rib and body on the 72 needle cylinder! I just had fun knitting it AND dyeing the yarn! And what are the odds of me having a bag of jingle bells since I have decluttered my knitting room. 🙂


Another wine bottle cozy


I’m glad I made another one of these wine bottle cozies. On this one I used 59 stitches and knit 124 rows of pattern which was 31 rows. I used a tension of 4. but it came out a little shorter. I steamed it on the bottle and smoothed it downwards at the same time. So on this one I could have used about 34 rows for the pattern.  When I finished the design on the other one I transferred eos to the next stitch on both beds  and then transferred the bottom stitches to the top leaving four stitches on each needle. I then took off on waste yarn to rehang the stitches. On this one I took off all the stitches circular . Then I hung two stitches on each needle from one side and then two stitches from the other side putting 4 stitches on each needle and it seemed faster. What I also forgot to mention is that when you rehang the piece, put the right side facing away from you to get the next rows knit instead of purl. It is not a big deal if you don’t since the turtleneck covers those rows.  And…..I forgot to do the last row of rib on the looser tension to latch tool bind off so I bound off around two needles and it is still not as loose as I like it. So, I might not decrease as many stitches after the pattern and see what happens. I am thinking of decreasing every third stitch. I did not want to do  a tension swatch for three colors so I had the extra two colors in the eyelets and when I got to the rows for the scarf and the hat, I just used those colors as color number two. I had to duplicate stitch the buttons (have to redo because I am one stitch off and they are not even. Only did two for the picture) and the eyes. I could also use beads but I think I am going to felt little tiny black balls with my ball felter and it will look cuter. Oh, and my snowman is too high up. I did not do the extra plain rows but I could have since it was a little shorter. Oh well, I am still trying to get it right. 🙂

Overfelted Wine Bag

I am working on an order for a woman for four wine bottle covers. I was felting the last one and my dog wanted to go for a walk. So I took him and came back and checked the felting and it went too far! 😦  The woman who ordered the wine bottle covers has been a wonderful customer so I decorated this anyway with a new design and will include in the order for her at no charge. She said she does not put just wine in these. She has put jellies and other items so I am sure she will find something to fill it with.

Some More Felted Wine Bottle Covers

I made more wine bottle covers but now I have the pattern even better. I start at the top , for example, I started with a picot edg and knitted straight for 40 rows on the main bed. Then I took off half of the stitches and placed them on the ribber bed for circular knitting. I knitted 154 rows and then took off on waste yarn. I then gathered all of the stitches and pulled in to form the bottom. At the beginning, I started with 41 stitches , did the picot edge, then increased one stitch on each end until 49 stitches. On the cream with the pink poinsettia, I did the one row on picot edge in the pink but it does not show up well. I then took a single strand of the yarn and embellished the scalloped edge to give more color. On the red poinsettia I did a scallop edge also but did not embellish with yarn since I did a row of eyelets to weave the yarn through. On the Christmas tree, the design is needle felted and I sewed on the gold garland and the lights. I had a gold yarn that I used to make the scalloped edge stand out. The grape one is an order for a lady who wanted two of them.

Four New Felted Wine Bottle Covers

A woman bought two of my wine bottle covers and asked if I was making more since her sister saw the two and wanted two of the same. I made her the red one with the black buttons and red and black scarf but told her that I could not make the lime and cream one(these were in previous posts). I told her I would make a couple of different ones and maybe her sister will like one of them. I made four. I knitted and felted the cover and then I knitted the leaves seperately and lightly felted them in my table top felter. I then sewed them on the cover. Needle felting would not work. The leaves are from Ricki Mundstocks embellishments. I believe it was a handout at one of the seminars and may be in one of her books. I needle felted an acorn on the corner of the collars of the covers with the leaves.

The poinsettia cover is cream and the flower is also from Ricki Mundstocks embellishments. After looking at the photo  of the poinsettia, I think it needs a couple of green leaves. I transferred every other needle to the next one near the top edge of the cover to weave the yarn through for a little more color. It still needs some green leaves though. lol

My friend Linda suggested a hat so I made one for the cream cover with the green and red buttons. I added pom poms to the end of the hat and the ends of the scarves. If she does not like any of these, they will go into my Etsy store.