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Embossed Diamonds on a Scarf


I made this scarf on the Brother Bulky because the sequins get caught in the needles on the passap . The yarn is Paton’s Lace.  I used the embossed diamonds design from a baby jacket I made awhile back that was in the Machine Knitting News magazine dated September of 1998. If you click on the picture you will see that the left side of the scarf is the back side of the design.  The right side is the front side of the scarf. It would not look bad with either side showing.

I thought, gee, I bet the edges won’t curl if I do the scarf in full needle rib. And they don’t. I used TD 5 on both beds. After I knit 7 rows of full needle rib, I transferred 3 stitches each side of the middle ribber stitch to the top bed. That is for the diamond. Then I transferred two more stitches on each side of those to the top bed to give room next to the ribbing. All the ribber needles that stitches  were transferred are left in non working position. When you do this there is an odd amount of needles for the diamond(on the ribber) so you have to be sure your borders are the same amount of needles. You knit 2 rows, and bring one needle on each side of middle ribber needle into work(now 3 stitches) Knit 2 rows and bring up the second stitch from the middle ribber needle into work.(now 5 stitches) Knit 2 rows and then bring the third needle from the middle ribber stitch into work (now 7 stitches) . Knit two rows and start decreasing 2 stitches on the ends until one stitch left(6 rows) Repeat that for the total design. This scarf is 24 stitches wide and the width comes to not quite 5 and 1/2 half inches.  The length is 60 inches. I knitted 24 diamonds. Each diamond pattern is 12 rows. I added 7 rows at the beginning and ends for the enclosed border.

Paton’s lace yarn is so soft and nice around the neck. You don’t feel the sequins either. It is hard to see the sequins in the picture but they sparkle nicely. I also used less than one skein of the yarn. There was more left if you wanted it even longer.

Here is the needle set up when you do the diamonds.

NEEDLE SET UPOn my scarf I have 24 main bed stitches and 23 ribber stitches.  On the ribber on each end there would be six in working position and eight more needles in work on the top bed.

Felted Fingerless Gloves in Two Hours

DSC00046I knitted these fingerless gloves in less than two hours. I knitted the rib. Then  I placed half of the stitches on the ribber and knit circular. Since I knit circular, I could not go into ribbing so I took the glove off of the machine on waste yarn. Then I knitted the ribbing and took it off on waste yarn also. Then I used the kitchener stitch to attach the band to the glove and the thumb. The yarn is Cascade 220. I lightly felted the gloves and needle felted the dots on them. I love the feel and fit of these gloves.It is true that felting takes the scratchiness out of wool.

Can you find the Bird?

If you can find a bird, these slippers are definitely yours! LOL

I knitted and felted another pair of clogs. These are also autumn leaves but were not as time consuming. Again, the acorn is on the right foot which is the slipper on the left. These slippers are a size 8 and they will be in my Etsy store.

More Knitted Scarves using Hand Knitting Yarns

I am using my stash of hand knitting yarn to see what will knit on the Bulky Brother. This is a purple scarf that looks like eyelash yarn.

                                                                                           This one really surprised me that it would knit. It has the little balls of color really close together and not one of them ever got caught up in the needles.

This yarn has a sparkle to it and it is red with orange and fuscia.










This last scarf is the colors of autumn. It took on a striped effect. It is burnt orange, black brown and bright gold. It really looks nice on the black.


All of these scarves are 21 stitches in a 1×1 rib. Tension dial anywhere from 8 to 10 depending on the way the yarn knitted.

Little Boy Blue Afghan with Border

I am so smart doing another one of these! (?) I started the afghan and forgot to put the extra needle into work on the back bed on the left side going against the needle rule. After 150 rows I looked at the design and there were all these little loops going up the left side! Drop it off and rewind and start again. This afghan is 224 and measures 38 by 40. The true texture does not really show in the picture.  It is pattern 1144 in the pattern book and it is repeated three times horizontally and vertically. I used 40 rows for beginning and ending border and 480 rows for middle. I knitted the Metbury booties to go with this afghan.

Passap Baby Afghan with Border

I lied. I made another afghan like the pink one in the same brand of yarn. This is a beautiful vibrant royal blue. I used pattern 1021 in the passap pattern book. It was 20 stitches wide so I programmed it 7 times to make 140 stitches. Then I added nine stitches on each side for border . Total stitches were 149. Measurement of finished blanket is 34 by 34 inches.





Passap-Adding a Border to an Afghan

I came across an article in News and Views called Let’s Knit An Afghan-E6000. It is volume 25, November of 1995.The article is by JoAnn Teodori .

Once I sat and read the whole article, it seemed too confusing and I walked away. Started an afghan and was unsuccessful so I went back to this article and decided to figure it out. It was really easy once I got the hang of how it was being programmed.  The pattern for B  is 1071 in the passap pattern book and it is 32 st by 32 rows. You start by entering Pattern A as 186 which is a technique. Then Pattern B you enter 4 or five times to make sure pattern repeats across the bed. This was supposed to be 5 repeats and I made it 4 for a baby afghan. 4 repeats came to 128 stitches for the middle design. Then you program Pattern C just like pattern A which is the bottom and left side border. I used needles 64 left and 64 right and then I added nine stitches on each side for the border. When you are all done entering information and you start set up you just put needle 73 minus for the left needle and 73 right on the right side. The design will knit on middle 128 stitches and the borders knit the technique 186 which is plain. The directions are wonderful and they walk you through EVERY step of programming.

Okay so I cast on and knit the first row and the front bed stitches fell off! I thought…what the ?  I failed to follow one sentence in the article and that was to put the yarn in color four of your changer and cancel the other 3. Yep, that was it!  This total afghan was 592 rows and it is 37 inches by 40 inches. This is a yarn that I bought from ebayer Colobrians and it is supposed to be 224 but it is finer. However, it is just perfect for this fantasy fairisle afghan. It takes 10 ounces of yarn. Now I am going to do one in a 224 and different pattern with a border and measure the differences. The tuck will show up more I am sure but it is very nice on this one.

Passap Baby Blanket Sweet Dreams

I was afraid if I did not get back to the Passap machine that I would forget how to use it. Lol

I made another Sweet Dreams afghan (pattern from Knittin Buds) but I made it smaller. I removed half of the border design that was around the blanket and took out rows but was careful not to destroy the side design. I made it in a baby blue and tan. I do like the tan and brown one better. This one measures 25 inches wide by 38 inches long.

Another coat on the Passap for Petey

Okay, now don’t laugh. I am going to get one right -soon! I copied the measurements from a coat in the pet store. Of course, I did not try it on him. I took the measurements and it would have gone well except after taking my stitch and row guage I did not include the rib in the total measurement thus the coat came out longer! I think if I unravel half of the rib at the tail it will be okay. But…I am going to make again and make the collar much longer and the top about an inch narrower and it should be perfect. He was not happy about modeling it today since it is 73 degrees so I had to promise him a cookie or he said he would not pose! This pattern is just two squares . One on top and a narrower one on the bottom. Both pieces start with rib and end with rib. I like the rib on the tail since it pulls the knit in. The only problem I ran into is binding off. I tried a nice bind off in a passap book that was really easy but it did not pull the rib tight and it does not look nice. So, that will be a change too. Hope to have a perfect one with the pattern for you . 🙂

St Patricks’s Day Knitted Scarf on the Passap

I wanted to knit a scarf for St Patricks Day to put in my Etsy store. This is my second design. The first design was just solid blocks of green and white. I did not like the result because the white yarn was a little lighter in weight and it did not look good. I went back and made borders and filled in some stitches so that the green and white were more evenly distributed. I used one strand of 224 yarn for each color with a tension of 2.5  . I had 46 stitches and placed them on needles 44 to 89 on the right side of the bed so that the yarn on the carriage side did not loop. I used technique 183 and knitted 1260 rows. The scarf is 5&1/2 inches wide and about 66 inches long. I used a shamrock that was in a dish cloth design to start with. Then I put two in a row evenlly spaced. I then flipped the right one upside down. I made one half of background white and the other half green making sure to change the color of the one shamrock to white. On the second row, I snagged the right half of the design and copied and pasted on the left side and then did that for the right side making design a total of 4 squares that were 46 stitches by 42 rows.

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