Passap E 6000 and UX Setting

In Chicago at the Knittin’ To It Club seminar with Tanya Kudinoff,¬†Tanya suggested that we try the UX setting on our machines for a different look. On the left is the knit side and on the right is the purl side.( The following sample pictures will be the knit on the left and the purl on the right.

In this sample the knit side is prettier than the purl side. That is not the case in the next two samples.(Left click on pictures to see more detail)

In these two samples, I think the purl side is the prettier side. I like the lacy look  and it does not bunch up a lot if it was all tuck.(Pattern slips in one direction and tucks in the other direction)

In this last sample the knit side is better than purl side because of floats. Also, the knit side is a vertical pattern.