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Magic Windows on the Passap with the U 100

This is the last sample in the article in Machine Knitters Source Nov/Dec 1999 by Barbara Corley. It is call Magic Windows. I started this design in 2 colors and I believe there is an error in the pattern. The lower part has too many solid rows in it compared to the picture in the magazine. At the top I eliminated one step and the rows of color were narrower like picture and I added a third color. This can be done in 1,2,3 or 4 colors. At one point in the pattern there are 7 stitches on one needle on the back bed(it makes the puckers between the solid parts) and I never would have believed they would knit off okay. If you are looking for texture, this is the pattern for you.

Below are her instructions but on the last part of the pattern it says color 1 , 4 rows and the beginning of the pattern says 4 rows of color one. I believe this should only be done one time. Left click on picture to enlarge.

Fancy Stripes using the U 100 transfer carriage

These samples are from an article from Machine Knitters Source by Barbara Corley. This is from the same article that the previous samples were from . This is what she calls fancy stripes. She suggests a variegated yarn for the main color. I did that. The sample to the left is every other needle on the front bed. She suggests playing around so I used every fouth needle in the sample at the right. This design has quite a few steps but can be memorized easily if you do it enough.

This sample is the same using a solid color of yarn. The main issue with this design is to make sure the tensions are right so that the loops from the front bed don’t drop off before transfer.

This technique can be done on any machine because it does not use the console. On the U 100 you use Number 4. You use all back bed needles and every other needle on the front bed(or whatever combination you want)

Then you repeat:

2 rows MC, N/GX

1 row CC, N/N

1 row CC, N/GX

4 rows MC, N/GX

1 row CC, N/GX

1 row CC,N/N     After all of these rows you use the transfer carriage to transfer front stitches to back bed. It seems confusing but once you try it you will see the pattern that is happening. This would look beautiful on a jacket. The reverse side of the fabric is stripes. Left double click on pictures to see detail