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I’m The Big Brother Afghan made on the Passap E6000 in 5 colors

The shower that I was supposed to go to was moved a week later so I got the idea to knit the new baby’s brother Hunter an afghan of his own. My sister said he carries blankets around all the time. I asked my friend Sheila if she had any ideas and she told me to google I’m the big brother and that is where I got the idea. I had to snag each child and then reduce the pattern without using the correct proportion box.  I used five colors . I had to arrange the grass and the wagon so that I could change the yarn in the feeder to the fifth color without having five colors in a row. On the back there are two green striped areas where I did this.  I wish I had more time because I would revise this . I only had navy and light blue. Royal blue would have been better. On the bottom of his pants in the afghan in the picture it looks darker where the green was on the back but in looking at it here,  it does not show at all. The second picture shows the back and the third picture is what I would do to correct the pattern. I also would move the girl and boy over to the left which is in the revised picture. Would also seperate radio flyer on the wagon and move to the left.

In the revised picture the boy has to be moved up and a couple of more rows added to seperate the grass a little more.This is what happens when I hurry! I get stressed and can’t multi-task. lol

I only used 120 rows instead of 160 for a four color afghan and I like the size much better. It is about 34 inches wide by 41 inches long.

Another Cow Jumped Over the Moon !

I made another cow jumped over the moon on my passap machine for my Etsy store. It is 36 inches by 56 inches in length. I won’t go into detail since I posted on a previous post.


If there is anything you want me to try on any machine, let me know. I would be glad to do it if it helps someone to knit. 🙂

Little Boy Blue Afghan with Border

I am so smart doing another one of these! (?) I started the afghan and forgot to put the extra needle into work on the back bed on the left side going against the needle rule. After 150 rows I looked at the design and there were all these little loops going up the left side! Drop it off and rewind and start again. This afghan is 224 and measures 38 by 40. The true texture does not really show in the picture.  It is pattern 1144 in the pattern book and it is repeated three times horizontally and vertically. I used 40 rows for beginning and ending border and 480 rows for middle. I knitted the Metbury booties to go with this afghan.

Passap Afghan Lovely-Navy Blue

I made this navy blue Afghan Lovely for my Etsy store. My passap was knitting like a dream until I was halfway finished and the yarn seemed to be bunching up on the left side. I removed it from the machine and it was the way the yarn was coming down from the mast that caused the problem. I realized that the mast tension was too loose. I put it at 5, rewound the yarn and it knitted beautifully to the very last row. I used TD 5 and knitted 948 rows using needles 89L and 88R so that both end needles would be on the back bed. Technique 140. It is five panels wide and six panels long.

Passap Baby Blanket Sweet Dreams

I was afraid if I did not get back to the Passap machine that I would forget how to use it. Lol

I made another Sweet Dreams afghan (pattern from Knittin Buds) but I made it smaller. I removed half of the border design that was around the blanket and took out rows but was careful not to destroy the side design. I made it in a baby blue and tan. I do like the tan and brown one better. This one measures 25 inches wide by 38 inches long.

Passap Afghan for co worker

I have a coworker that wanted an afghan for her grandson with his full name on it and birthdate.  She did not want baby colors because she wanted him to be able to enjoy it when he was older. I made this afghan from a pattern from the The Knittin Buds callled Sweet Dreams. Technique 187 and two strands of 224 yarn at tension 5 on both beds. I was concerned with bleed through using brown as background color but the beige I had was a little bit  thicker and it came out perfect. I blocked out the name and date for privacy  but you can get the idea. The second picture I just folded the afghan so the name and date don’t show.

Passap E 6000 Afghan Lovely Adult Size

This is another Afghan Lovely I knitted for the boss’s daughter for her birthday. It was supposed to be done by September 30th! She wanted white but the white- white is too bright. I think the off white is softer looking. I am glad  she agreed to the off white which is called Natural. If she wants the white-white one after seeing this, I will put this in my Etsy Store. It is 224 yarn, two strands together.

Witch and Moon Throw on Passap

I made this witch and moon throw for my friend Linda if she wants it. She has had a really rough week. Halloween is her favorite time of year. I used technique 211, black strippers all the way with no mistakes on the back. I was able to figure out how to get the moon round instead of oblong! The size is 32 by 34 inches. I think the witches nose is about 10 inches long  too. lol