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Skull Phone Cover on the Passap

skull phone cover

Okay, now you think I am going off the deep end! I am going to tell you why I am not. I decided to try a picture on the front using single bed¬†motif on the passap. I have never done it on this machine. I have to say the Brother is a little easier by comparison.¬† I used 2/24 yarn and 50 stitches. I knit 12 rows before and after the design. When I was finished, I took off on scrap yarn. I hung the front stitches first and then the back stitches so that the seam was in the middle with right sides together. I doubled the end stitches on the front side and on the back I crossed the end two stitches. I like the finished look much better. Hmmmm….doesn’t sound like this is a good excuse, does it?