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Short Rowed Scarf made on the Brother Machine




I was talking to a woman that contacted me to learn the passap machine. She was telling me that a knitting guild she belonged to had a knitting challenge doing any machine knitted  item that was short rowed. She told me a woman in the guild made the most beautiful scarf and that she wanted to try it. She found the pattern and I liked it and bought it . I used a yarn that has the feel of perla. It is a thin yarn and the variegated yarn was even thinner. I did not crochet around the scarf when I was done. I used the “worm” edging . The worm edging is on you tube by Kate Winslow. The edge still curls a little bit but I think it is okay.

This was a lot of fun to make.Breezy Spencer  states in her pattern that  you have to concentrate ….and you do…..but once you start to knit you will see that you don’t have to look at the pattern any more. Her pattern tells you the yarn she used and that she made hers on the Bulky. I don’t like wide scarves so I used the same amount of stitches in her pattern and made mine on the Brother standard gauge machine. The pattern is five dollars and it is on Ravelry and it is called Machine Knit Short Row Scarf by Breezy Spencer

Felted Purse using Short Rowing

I had a day off from work on Saturday and devoted it to a knitting project. I saw this pattern on a web site called Drops Design. It is a hand knitting pattern and I liked the design. It uses short rowing which I know how to do but trying to convert from a hand to a machine knit was the problem. If I was a smart person I might not have spent about four hours trying to figure it out while knitting. In actuality, I guessed on the numbers of stitches for the stripes and don’t know how I came out with a decent pattern.  I was writing everything down as I did it and then had to cross it out and start again. I know why knitters who write patterns want to get paid for them! I used Lion Brand yarn in Nature’s brown, Oak tweed and Oatmeal. On the back I was going to switch the colors on the stripes but decided to match the front so that attention was not given to the seam. The second picture is taken from the side. I felted knitting for the covered button. I think it will be a magnetic snap instead of a buttonhole. Now you can laugh because I was thinking of this as a craft carrying bag and ended up with a purse! There is one more thing I have to do to this. The area between the button and the handle opens up when you carry it. I am thinking of taking a tuck in on each end to keep that from happening. If you go to Drops Design (the pattern number is NE-049)you will see that the purse they made uses the top for the bottom of the purse. That is why my area with the button curves higher.