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Rubber soles for slipper bottoms

DSCF2662 DSCF2663Here I go again. Do you remember how I am on a mission to find something to put on the bottom of my felted slippers so they don’t wear out? Well, the plasti dip spray just keeps you from slipping but it does wear off. The spray is not expensive to keep reapplying but I wanted something more permanent. I found a company in California that sells sheets of rubber . I told them what I wanted it for and they sent me two samples. The 1/4 inch thick rubber was too thick I thought and would feel like a shoe. So I tried the 1/16 inch and I am happy with it. It can be cut easily with scissors. I then glued the bottom on the slipper with Shoe Goo.(about 5 dollars) I used two small pieces of wood in the toe and the heel on the inside and I placed another small piece of wood on the outside above the inner ones  and clamped the four together to keep pressure on the bottom while it dried. I gave these to my sister and told her to wear them everywhere including outside to get the paper to see if the glue holds well and how they wear. I will keep you informed. The color is gray and that is okay with me.  I had to buy a sheet that was 1/16″ X 36 ” . The role was 3feet by 5 feet minimum and I believe it was 25 plus shipping. I had to pay around 31 or 32 dollars but I will get a lot out of it.

I may just do a large circle on the ball of the foot and one on the heel and see how that works. If you double click on the picture you can see  the address and phone number of the company if you want to buy some.

Rubber Cal Address2