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Slip Stitch Cowl on the Brother Bulky


I had so many visions on how this cowl was going to turn out but it was nothing like this! I used Woolike yarn from Michaels in Teal color  and a slip stitch pattern from the Brother Book-No. 158. I was happy to only knit 524 rows instead of 664 . I was planning on doing a roll edge on the sides of it. It really looked nice but had to do two strips for one edge so there would have been a seam. Okay, no problem. Did that. It did not look good when it was wrapped around the head. So I took that off and decided to crochet the edges together with right sides together and then turn inside out. LOL, I ended up with a tube within a tube. Took that out and I did not want to crochet the edges since what I sell them for is so minimal that it would not be cost effective. So, I sat and sewed the seam up by hand and it looks nice. I wish it was wider to do it this way but it is still different. And even though this is double layer, it does not feel bulky or heavy and still drapes nicely.

Here are the directions if anyone wants to try this. Just increase 12 stitches if you want this wider before sewing together.

Tuck Stitch Cowl-Have a Laugh on Me!




Okay, so a week ago I cracked or broke a rib. Needless to say, I have lost a lot of sleep and am quite the crab! Especially since I have not been able to knit or do much of anything. Well, today I decided to load up on Advil and try another cowl scarf since it is so easy to move the carriage with this yarn and pattern even though it is 664 rows. Great, just a little pain. I took some pictures of the edge stitches since my friend S2 wanted to see them. Good so far. I took the pictures and then I wanted a picture of both sides to put in my Etsy shop when I sell it. So I brought the bottom of the scarf up and took the picture. Then I proceded to hang the beginning and cast off for a circular scarf. Great. Finished and I burst out laughing. I am not even drinking so it must be the Advil. I bound the cowl off around the ribber. lolol

How did I remove it you ask? I am not THAT stupid to take it out and rehang. ūüôā I removed the ribber attachment on one side and took the clamp off and was able to slide it off. You thought you had me on that one I bet.

What I wanted to show you though was that I made one of these for myself and it was snowing and I pulled the scarf over my head and I like the look. What I did was fold the scarf in half, put it around my neck, twisted to form a figure 8 and pulled that part open and put over my head. You can see what it looks like from the side. The color is a seafoam green. It looks lime hanging on the machine but that is because I just took a quick picture while I was laughing. The funny thing is, in all the over 30 years of knitting, I have never done this. You can stop laughing now. I need to go lay down because my rib is hurting from my laughing.




Passap Double Lace Effect with Tuck Stitch Scarf






After I made the fishermans rib scarf I started to think about a reversible pattern that I did before. I found it in Dec 2013 in my blog. I decided to try the technique 155 which gives a lacy pattern on both sides. My thinking is that when you wrap the scarf , both sides look good. I like the outcome. I did not steam the scarf since I liked the width, but mostly since I like the edge. It looks like picots. If you follow the needle set up I used yours will come out the same way. I knit 868 rows using two of the heavy weights. Further instructions are in my drop box at this link that include the cast on and cast off.








Gossamer-tuck-lace-shawl-scarf on the passap E 6000


Needle Set Up

My friend has a passap DM80 and she was having trouble trying to knit this scarf .¬† She said it is unclear where you put the stitches once you cast on in 1 by 1 rib. So I decided to give it a try but I have the E 6000 and there is no AX on our front beds. So I set up in 1by1 rib and said…Hmmmm….. So guess what the answer is to that? Anywhere they will go to get the correct needle set up. LOL¬† I started on the right side and set up the first group of needles. Then I went to the back bed and did the same. I went back and forth setting up instead of doing one bed at a time. Some stitches you will double up on the back bed , some will be doubled on the front bed and some will be moved sideways to get the set up. There will not be more than two stitches on any of the needles when you set up.¬†After the needle set up I set the pushers.¬† So the pattern says to do 6 rosw of AX on the front bed and six rows of AX on the back bed.¬† On the E6000 the tuck stitch is KX on the front bed and we have AX on our back beds. So now I did not know if the opposite lock for the bed that does not tuck would be N where it knitted or GX where it would hold the pattern. I decided to set the beds to knit on the opposite bed that does not tuck. Yay!!! I guessed right. I did six rows of N/KX and six rows of AX/N. How unique this was to do. The pushers are not set up the same as the needles. In each group of three the middle needle is the needle that gets tucked so it does not have a pusher under it. So while one bed is doing the tuck stitches, the other bed is knitting. Then when you switch your lock settings, the row of tuck stitches will knit off and the other bed starts tucking on the sets of three. I did not want to set up all the needles so I did not follow the left side so the border looks funny. But the right side set up was correct and it has a nice edge (that is at the bottom of the picture since it is sideways instead of up and down). Also, I used two strands of 2/24 yarn so it is not as silky looking. I only did it this way since that was what was threaded in my machine and I know the tensions to use. I hope you give this a try if you have either the DM 80 or the¬† E 6000. Okay, Susan , now we can do this! I understand it. PM me and we will get you started!

Here is the link to the free  scarf by Jana Trent—scarf

Vertical Ripple Two Color Scarf

2 Color Vertical Ripple Scarf

2 Color Vertical Ripple Scarf

I knitted a scarf using the Vertical Ripple Pattern by Teryl Hollins that I have shown in the previous posts. The colors are taupe and black. If I lighten the picture it appears gray and black. I want to point out a couple of things if you try this technique. First, use thin yarn¬†. I used a tension of 4 on both beds and one strand of 224 yarn. Secondly, MOVE YOUR WORK TO THE RIGHT OF THE BED TO AVOID LOOPS.¬† I used 40 stitches and should have put the pattern on needles 30 to 70 right of¬†“O”. I had to constantly watch for¬†loops with the first color which is the first mast furthest from the color changer.

The picture below shows the front side and back side of the scarf. You can see on the left edge before it folds over that it is one color and on the other side it is the second color.



I learned something making this. I had the yarn break when I pulled to tighten up for loops on edge. It was very difficult to back up. I ripped out the rows and started again only to have it go out of pattern.  So I looked up the technique and the pattern and saw what the stitches were doing. Made it easier to back up. I think what happened when I started again is that the back bed pushers were opposite the front pushers and not according to my diagram. I am going to do a test piece again and see what happens when the pushers move.  I had done 778 rows and did not want to take the chance of being wrong again so I backed up and took off the machine. The scarf is long enough.

I have a black leather pin on it that I bought from JUL designs at


Passap Vertical Ripple Pattern with Texture


This sample has the same needle set up but on the back bed the pushers are put out of work and the lock is set on N. Then every 50 rows, you do N/N on both beds while still racking and then change back to the N/KX. It turned out very pretty especially for a scarf until I turned the fabric over. It is plain on the back.(DUH! no pushers) So I think a use for this might be a pillow.


Here is a picture of a scarf done in the first sample of Vertical Ripple in a solid color. If you wanted to add a little more color you could latch tool up the ladders with a different color of yarn.

Vertical ripple in a solid color

Vertical ripple in a solid color

Embossed Diamonds on a Scarf


I made this scarf on the Brother Bulky because the sequins get caught in the needles on the passap . The yarn is Paton’s Lace. ¬†I used the embossed diamonds design from a baby jacket I made awhile back that was in the Machine Knitting News magazine dated September of 1998. If you click on the picture you will see that the left side of the scarf is the back side of the design.¬† The right side is the front side of the scarf. It would not look bad with either side showing.

I thought, gee, I bet¬†the edges won’t curl if¬†I do the scarf in full needle rib. And they don’t. I used TD 5 on both beds. After I knit 7 rows of full needle rib, I transferred 3 stitches each side of the middle ribber stitch to the top bed. That is for the diamond. Then I transferred two more stitches on each side of those to the top bed to give room next to the ribbing. All the ribber needles that stitches ¬†were transferred are left in non working position. When you do this there is an odd amount of needles for the diamond(on the ribber)¬†so you have to be sure your borders are the same amount of needles. You knit 2 rows, and bring¬†one needle¬†on each side of middle ribber needle into work(now 3 stitches) Knit 2 rows and bring up the second stitch from the middle ribber needle into work.(now 5 stitches) Knit 2 rows and then bring the third needle from the middle ribber stitch into work (now 7 stitches)¬†. Knit two rows and start decreasing 2 stitches on the ends until one stitch left(6 rows) Repeat that for the total design. This scarf is 24 stitches wide and the width comes to not quite 5 and 1/2 half inches.¬† The length is 60 inches.¬†I knitted 24 diamonds. Each diamond pattern is 12 rows. I added 7 rows at the beginning and ends for the enclosed border.

Paton’s lace yarn is so soft and nice around the neck. You don’t feel the sequins either. It is hard to see the sequins in the picture but they sparkle nicely. I also used less than one skein of the yarn. There was more left if you wanted it even longer.

Here is the needle set up when you do the diamonds.

NEEDLE SET UPOn my scarf I have 24 main bed stitches and 23 ribber stitches.  On the ribber on each end there would be six in working position and eight more needles in work on the top bed.

Orange Creamsicle Cha Cha Scarf

This is a much longer scarf in ChaCha and it is the softest peach color. The second close up picture shows the color the best. I also made a solid black one but won’t post it since you know what the yarn looks like and the color black is black. lol

So…are you getting tired of scarves? My next post will be felted slippers that I have been working on for awhile.

Cha Cha Scarf

This soft velvety scarf in a beautiful¬†golden yellow is called Cha Cha by Patons. It is so soft that it feels like it has a lotion in the yarn. I used the slide setting two on my Brother bulky instead of slide one for a softer ribbing. 1×1 rib with 21 stitches for width. Tension 10 both beds. It is 3 and 1/2 inches wide and 56 inches long. It looks pretty by itself or with a scarf pin.

The best color and texture are in this close up picture.

Another Scarf with Hand Knitting Yarn

This is another hand knitting yarn that I used on the Brother Bulky machine. The colors are a blue , purplish blue, green and lime.  It is a short scarf. It measures 38 inches in length and 2 inches in width.I used a wood belt buckle to bring the ends together and through the buckle for a different look. This looks great on just a plain top without a collar. The yarn is called Furz by NuMei.It is a polyester yarn and has to be hand washed and laid flat to dry. This yarn has been discontinued. see

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