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Passap Santa using Yarn Cones-Free Pattern From Sandy Ewing



In September of 2013 I posted an angel I made using Sandy Ewing’s free pattern. It also had a Santa pattern. I decided to make it along with several miniature stockings with a carpet stitch cuff.

The Santa pattern was so easy and quick to finish. I did not make the head from a Styrofoam ball and a nylon stocking. I made a paper mache head. As you can see I am still not great at that part yet. Just wanted to post in case you want to make it and do the head your way. The arms are knitted all in one. The nicest part was making the white trim around him to make it look like it is a robe. It is not an I cord. It is knitted circular and just a few stitches. The mittens are knitted circular as well as the arms and hat. Nothing to sew when you get finished-my kind of pattern. ūüôā

Here is the link to her free pattern

Another Angel Knitted on the Passap

Angel with a Star

Angel with a Star

Yep, found another cone! lol  If anyone decides to make one of these I would recommend the cones that have a real small opening at the top. It is easier to glue the head on . This is from the same Sandy Ewing pattern that is free on her site.

I made this angel with a 3/15 red yarn that is the same as the other one I made. I decided to try a scallop trim along the bottom of the dress( like the wings) but it was too hard to add to the dress while on the machine. So I hand sewed each stitch to the dress around the angel. Of course I made the trim first. I made a scalloped gold trim for around the neck looking more like a little shawl instead of a turtleneck. I started the angels wings with the same gold yarn. This time I¬† made two arms and little white mittens from the same yarn that I used for the wings so she could hold the star.¬† The star stem matches the halo. This little angel also has a different face than the other one. She had the same yellow hair but I gave her a trim and then¬†¬† gave her a new color “do”. lol

Knitted Angel on a Cone knitted on the Passap


Angel with Halo

Angel with Halo

think this is one of the cutest things that I have seen done on leftover machine knitting cones! I don’t remember how I found¬†Sandy Ewings ¬†site but here is the link for her site. And ¬†it was so nice of her to provide the free pattern!¬† If ¬†you scroll down you will see the directions or click on Christmas on the home page.¬†The picture below is her Santa and Angel.¬†They are so adorable and designed beautifully. I love the Santa and how you make the white trim and put it on so it looks like a coat! And the wings for the angel are absolutely graceful and look really nice . Also, very easy to knit.


Of course, I had to make it since I have the yarn for the wings. I think it is called Flash but not sure. It has a nice sparkle to it. If you click on the picture you can see the sparkle.¬†I also learned how to OPEN cast on tubular. Well, that is after I made the body!¬†¬† The bottom of the a cone is covered because I started out with a closed cast on. DUH! The good thing¬†about it is that the person can’t see the inside. I attached the head with a pipe cleaner for stability and also glued it on.

I tried needle felting a face and it came out horrible. So while I was at Marc’s shopping I saw this little doll head on a body . I won’t tell you what I paid!!

I love the way Sandy made her arms. You cast on open tubular for full needle rib so that the stitches can be gathered. You knit one circular piece and then take off on the end piece of yarn. You put the strings of the two ends together over the top of the cone . I love it!  I went off to the fabric store for the gold trim  but forgot to look for the greens and berries for her arms. So guess what I did? I used the CARPET STITCH  and the stitch ditcher to make the muff for her hands. (Please say your remember the hand muffs from years ago!)I used the same yarn as the wings. I also made a little collar with the same yarn using 15 stitches and knitted the same way as the start of the wings.

I also bought white hair and was going to change this but I think she looks cute. I am going to make another with the white hair and maybe some lace on the lower band. Stay tuned. The possibilities are endless on making her look different.

This is going to look precious on my fireplace mantle. I can’t wait to make the Santa.