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Hand Knitted Scarf using Palette Yarn

My husband was just hospitalized for the last four days.He is fine but  OMG, they almost had to keep me there to treat me for withdrawal(not sure if I spelled that right) symptoms from being away from my knitting machines!! I had to grab my stash of hand yarn and at least hand knit to keep my symptoms from getting worse. Whew. It worked. Don’t want to go through that ordeal again. 🙂

My sister gave me this yarn(about 20 balls of it!) and it is called Palette collection. The color is purple passion. It is on 50 gram balls but it took almost four to get the length of 68 stitches and width of 4 inches.This was the first yarn I tried on the Bulky machine and you can see why it would not knit. It was not easy doing by hand because there are two strands wrapped together and had to be careful not to knit each strand and do increases that were not supposed to be there. Had to recount stitches quite often.  It is nylon, acrylic and polyester. It is hand wash only. Now, back to the machines. lol