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Pleated Pocket on Any Knitting Machine


I Subscribe to the free Newsletter Knit it Now but I am not a subscriber to the site. I viewed the video showing the first step on knitting this pleated pocket. You have to pay to become a member and see how to finish the pocket. It is strange to me that the author of this was the site but on the video on the first page, you see Jodi Raymond Originals. Hmmm…
I was able to finish it and post how to do it if you want to try something new. This pocket is knitted before your garment. For all machines, you will need to know how to set your machine to slip in one direction. I made this on the Brother 940 and we push in one part button. I have attached a drop box link to see the written instructions and pictures showing how to re hang your stitches to make the pleat. In the video she says to knit about 50 rows for the pocket. I only knitted 37 since I was using a thinner yarn. You would have to adjust the size of your pocket according to your stitch and row gauge. I would like this pocket on the front of a jacket.
Hope you try it even if it is just for the experience.