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Passap E6000 Scarf using Technique 155


I said I would like a scarf using technique 155 and decided to try it. I liked the yarn I was using for scrap on my samples and looked to see what it was. It was Tamm’s Perla. I have several cones of it and decided to do black . The design does not show up well but I knew it wouldn’t. this is just like the white sample in the previous post on my blog.  I wrote out the instructions if you would like to try it. Go to this link.

I found with this technique that tension is a big issue . You are only using black strippers so that only works on one bed as far as I know. I knitted at a tension of 6.. on both beds and ended up having a lot of stitches drop. I noticed they were all on the front bed needles where they dropped. At first I thought it was the needles. So I started again and watched the stitches. Where the stitches were tucking, the tension was too loose on the front bed. I ended up using tension 6.. on the back bed and tension 5.. on the front bed. I knitted 760 rows without any stitches dropping. I also would suggest that you don’t use really heavy weights. I used the two small weights that come with the Brother machine. I love the design on both sides and you can see in the picture that the sides have little points that look like picots. When you finish knitting it is all done. No steaming or blocking.

Hope you try it 🙂

Passap Sharp Point Edging

This edging is called Sharp Point. The top sample is the edging and then double bed knitting. The bottom one is the edging and single bed knitting. My tension could have been a little bit tighter. I did not take the time to pin each point before steaming but I think you can see the idea of it. The article mentioned that this is good for a tuck stitch sweater because you are doing the edging on double bed to begin with. Double click on the directions and you should be able to see how this is done.

Knitted Crochet Edging #2 on the Passap Machine

Okay everyone, I reknitted  the first crochet edge in this first picture  and it looks like the picture in the book. I first tried an 8/2 cotton and the yarn broke either because the yarn is weak and old or the tension was too tight. Did not care to figure which  one so I decided to try Perla by Tamm that looks like a cotton. It came out better and more detail. You can see the row of eyelets in this picture just below the main body of the piece.

The next picture of the second edging is the same pattern but on the last four rows before starting the garment the tension is left at the same as the edging tension. In the first one the last four rows before the garment are knitted at the tension of the garment which is about 2 and 2dots more on the dial. This hem has more body to it  . I will tell you that I hang a comb after the first row and it is easier and the points of the picot are more defined.


The picture on the left shows the edge number one on the bottom and the second edge just above it so you can see the two side by side. The picture on the right shows how it was done. If you double click with left mouse button on either picture you can see more detail. On the directions on the right I don’t think you will have to go to a higher zoom level to see it.

Potato Chip Scarf “Short and Curly”

I made this scarf using the same method for the previous black scarf but only cast on six stitches and only knitted two rows with the second yarn Perla. It is shorter-30 inches, and curlier. I would wear this with a top or jacket. This would be a great neck warmer in an office that is cold.

Potato Chip Scarf #2

I made another potato chip scarf using a pattern from a site that my friend Jacqui sent me. She can find anything on the internet!  This is the site

I used Premier Yarn called “Starbella” and the second yarn is Perla, one strand. I cast on with Perla(e-wrap) on 8 needles on my Bulky Machine(you can use any machine single bed) I used a tension 2. for the Perla and the tightest mast setting. I knit two rows and then hung the Starbella and hand knitted that row. I then knitted 4 rows with the carriage with Perla. I hung the Starbella and knitted 4 rows Perla . I continued until I finished 306 rows.  The scarf is 65 inches long. It says you can machine wash this yarn but I would hand wash.

This scarf is not as curly as the white one I made. On that one I used 6 stitches and went wider on the black to 8 stitches giving a little more curl. This one is nice if you don’t like all the “fluff” at your neck.

Dog Scarf Knitted on the Passap-Dog’s Rule

This is the dog’s version of the scarf I did with the cat. I guess for every cat lover there is a dog lover. I have both and in our house, the dog rules even though he came after the cat. A woman I work with bought a cat scarf and her other daughter saw it and wanted to know if I could do a dog scarf. I finished it today .I found the dog picture in clip art and corrected the colors in DAK and then reduced size to fit scarf width. I used one strand of 224 for each color at a tension of 3.  It is not a heavy scarf.

I have posted a second picture and I want your opinion. Should  I  put the tongue on the dog or leave it off. You don’t have to write anything, you can just say yes or no when you respond.

Thanks and I hope everyone had a Happy New Year.

Transfer Lace Edgings on the Passap or any machine

This is a hand transferred lace edging done on the passap machine. It can be done on any machine this way. This technique is in a Duet International book No.12, September of 1992. The author is Pat Cook. There are five different lace edgings. In this sample, you do 11 transfers and knit two rows after each transfer. You follow symbols for the transfers. It is slow at first until you start repeating and getting the hang of it. This sample starts with 6 stitches  and increases to 12 stitches at the widest point and then decrease back in. The yarn I used here is Perla. I should have pinned this sample out to see the detail. Along the straight edge, there is a row of eyelets that you could put a small ribbon in.

More Passap Lacey Designs Using U100

These are designs for lacey patterns in passap book using U100 to transfer stitches from fb to bb.  From left to right they are patterns 1012, 1015, 1018, 1022, and 1155. Technique 280. The yarn used was Perla at tension 5.

Passap E 6000 and UX Setting

In Chicago at the Knittin’ To It Club seminar with Tanya Kudinoff, Tanya suggested that we try the UX setting on our machines for a different look. On the left is the knit side and on the right is the purl side.( The following sample pictures will be the knit on the left and the purl on the right.

In this sample the knit side is prettier than the purl side. That is not the case in the next two samples.(Left click on pictures to see more detail)

In these two samples, I think the purl side is the prettier side. I like the lacy look  and it does not bunch up a lot if it was all tuck.(Pattern slips in one direction and tucks in the other direction)

In this last sample the knit side is better than purl side because of floats. Also, the knit side is a vertical pattern.