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Heart Braid Trim done on the Passap Machine


I am organizing my knitting patterns and I came across this heart braided trim in a book called Fabulous Finishes & Trims by Patricia Wetzel. I think it is really unique. I darkened the first picture so you can see the knit side of the trim. In the picture on the right it is the reverse purl side and it is pretty also.  To make the braid you take an uneven number of stitches(she uses seven and so did I for this sample) so that you have a center stitch with equal stitches on both sides. Using a color of your choice, knit ten rows, transfer the middle stitch left or right onto the next needle and leave needle in working position. Knit ten rows and repeat to length you want. Then do a second strip in another color the same way and the same number of rows.  When finished, lay one strip on top of the other, knit sides up. Hold both bottom ends together and take the top strip and weave it through the first hole in the bottom strip. Then take the top color and weave it through the hole in the bottom strip. Keep repeating this without twisting the fabric or missing any holes. Suggested ideas are for a belt or a bottom of a jacket. I have an idea I am going to work with and I hope it does not come out as bad as my Puckered Lips posting! lol

I used the back bed of the passap but you can do this on any knitting machine.