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Passap Water Bottle Slings


I made three more of the water bottle slings for my Etsy store. I decided to do the strap full needle rib instead of circular and it took way less rows to knit. I knitted 300 rows for the strap full needle rib. It lays flat and it is easier to attach to the ribbing. If the handles stretch out, you can always make a knot where the loop is to shorten them. After all, we are not all the same height. :)I do have another laugh for you. I have all of my diamonte yarn in a bin. I reached in, grabbed red and made that first. I took it off the passap and thought “Gee this feels thinner, sort of like a dishrag.” Hmmmm…… looked inside the cone and no writing. Went back to the bin and found that diamonte was written inside another red cone. Knitted that and it is okay. I must have put a red Tepeyac cone in with the diamonte. So I do not recommend a thinner yarn. 🙂

Passap E6000 Water Bottle Sling

Water bottle carrier

Water bottle carrier

Bottom of water carrier

Bottom of water carrier

Well, my husband is back in the hospital again so I have to put the vest that I am making on the passap  on hold. I do have both fronts of it done . I have the back to do and a collar so I did not want to rush it.

Anyway, awhile back I saw this pattern for a water bottle sling and thought how nice it would be since I am always carrying a bottle around. The pattern is by Nell Abshire, The Afghan Queens and it is in Machine Knitters Source  Sept/Oct of 1998 Vol 15, no. 86. This holds a 20 ounce bottle of water.

It is such a shame the picture is not in color in the book because it does not do the pattern justice. It knitted out to be the prettiest honeycomb design.  The pattern calls for Diamonte which I have up the I chose a bright pink for breast cancer awareness. This can be made on the DM80 and other machines that have the ability to tuck stitch.

It starts with 60, 30Land 30R on both beds. Set up in one by one rib. Rib for 20 rows tension 3. Transfer all stitches to the front bed . On the E6000 the pattern used is 1000 and technique 130 . You knit 120 rows of design at tension 5 and then two rows plain. Stitches are transferred to the back bed and 14 rows are knitted of stockinette. Then transfer every other stitch to the next needle to decrease to 30 stitches. Knit two rows and decrease again to 15 stitches and knit two rows. Take off on bodkin and gather stitches for the bottom. Sew up the side.

The band is just circular rows on 8 needles(4 on front bed and four on back bed) At tension five you knit circular for 400 rows  which is 800. Nice to have a motor for that. I used tension 4.. for my cord instead of five. Attach the cord and go put a bottle in and go for a walk. 🙂

Now I want to make a ribbed one on my sock machine!