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Passap Intarsia



Top sample in picture 2nd Try, Bottom sample is my 1st try



I can’t believe how I have never come across many articles on Intarsia on the Passap. I thought there was a special little carriage you had to have. So today I decided to explore Intarsia and what a challenge. My top picture was my second try after wrapping the yarn when I knitted across. The bottom sample in the 2nd picture down was my first try. lol, look at all the holes! I made the color lighter so you could see them.

After trying that I started going through all of my books that I have. I found Intarsia in the Carl Peterson book Learn to Program and Operate your E-6000 in 10 Easy Lessons.

Well the knitting is simple enough. Just single bed and the LX setting using pushers. The programming of the console for the four color is something I have to go back and think over. I just followed the book for programming so I got that right, haha, and then knitted so I could see the design . The four color was just the arrow part. The colors are hunter green, white, navy and yellow. In his book he programs 2 stitch patterns A and B. A was a two color intarsia of 20 rows and then the four color was pattern B.

I have done intarsia on the Brother machines and it is a lot of work and reading of graphs. I can not believe how easy this was to do. The key is wrapping and I need to research more on that. The other key to getting it right is to gently lift the yarn colors as you go across so you don’t get loops on the back. In the bottom picture, the two yellow loops were where I did not lift the yarn enough. I think the bottom picture showing the purl side is quite neat for Intarsia and I am not sure I am even doing it totally correct.

The really funny thing about trying these swatches is that I got out my Passap Tricofit so I would not have to bind off all the stitches by hand and it worked like a charm. I was ready to put it up for sale. Let me make one thing clear though. I would only use it for the tension swatches and not to bind off an afghan or garment. I am finding the key to using it is to keep on cranking and don’t hesitate or stop after you start until you get to the end.

I would really encourage you to try the intarsia on a  day where you just want to  try knitting something on the machine .