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Passap E6000 Scarf using Technique 155


I said I would like a scarf using technique 155 and decided to try it. I liked the yarn I was using for scrap on my samples and looked to see what it was. It was Tamm’s Perla. I have several cones of it and decided to do black . The design does not show up well but I knew it wouldn’t. this is just like the white sample in the previous post on my blog.  I wrote out the instructions if you would like to try it. Go to this link.

I found with this technique that tension is a big issue . You are only using black strippers so that only works on one bed as far as I know. I knitted at a tension of 6.. on both beds and ended up having a lot of stitches drop. I noticed they were all on the front bed needles where they dropped. At first I thought it was the needles. So I started again and watched the stitches. Where the stitches were tucking, the tension was too loose on the front bed. I ended up using tension 6.. on the back bed and tension 5.. on the front bed. I knitted 760 rows without any stitches dropping. I also would suggest that you don’t use really heavy weights. I used the two small weights that come with the Brother machine. I love the design on both sides and you can see in the picture that the sides have little points that look like picots. When you finish knitting it is all done. No steaming or blocking.

Hope you try it 🙂

Passap Vertical Ripple Pattern with Texture


This sample has the same needle set up but on the back bed the pushers are put out of work and the lock is set on N. Then every 50 rows, you do N/N on both beds while still racking and then change back to the N/KX. It turned out very pretty especially for a scarf until I turned the fabric over. It is plain on the back.(DUH! no pushers) So I think a use for this might be a pillow.


Here is a picture of a scarf done in the first sample of Vertical Ripple in a solid color. If you wanted to add a little more color you could latch tool up the ladders with a different color of yarn.

Vertical ripple in a solid color

Vertical ripple in a solid color