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Passap Valentine Mug Rugs, New On



Hahahaha, bet you did not expect to see more of these. lol These two designs are different from the one I made last year. Remember, these little projects help you in getting to know your machine , casting on , programming and casting off. And they make great little “thinking of you” gifts.

I have given the instructions and files in my drop box. In the top one I don’t like my bind off. I knitted 2 CX rows and one N/N row and then kitchener stitched the open stitches. On the second one on the bottom I just knit two rows of N/N at the same tension and did the kitchener stitch and the top and bottom white look about even. I would suggest this finish on both of them if you make them. The top one is 29 rows and the bottom one is 26 rows so the top one is a little longer than the bottom one.

Remember, tensions are different on all machines. I used a tension 3 and most of my others are tension 3..   so….I am thinking that the mast tension discs might wear out some. I think mine are since I had to turn them to a higher number than 5.

Feel free to change the files if you don’t like them. I may go in and make the bottom red heart 9 stitches wide on each side instead of the 8 stitches that I have.

One file is called 3 heart mug rug and the other is called Heart 4 Mug Rug. I have two bmp files and one stp file.

Happy VD  🙂  This would be a nice gift with a red coffee cup to go with it filled with chocolate candy. Yum! Preferably dark chocolate. Yum! Yum!

My Passap is Screaming!




My passap is screaming to be used after sitting for so long. Hubby is home from the hospital for the fifth time and doing better now.

I wanted to knit something quick to make sure I did not forget how to do things. With my brain under stress for so long it feels burnt out. lol

I took the tea cup from a hand knitting design that was on a pillow. I made a large one for myself since I have a large coffee mug. That is the first picture. It is 5 & 1/2 by 8 inches.  The smaller one is 5 & 1/8 by 6 & 1/2

I provided the pattern for the smaller one  in case someone wants to try one. You can change your colors to anything you want. I used taupe, tan and black.  The yarn I used was 2 strands of 2/24