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Passap Afghan “Fans” by Michael Becker


I had to make another afghan for the other grand daughter of a friend of mine. The first  girl liked black and cream. This girl likes black and white. The pattern is from Michael Beckers book Passap Instant Afghans Book 4.

I have made this before but I thought I would post this since I see a lot of people asking what tensions to start with on the passap.

I used two strands of 2/24. I don’t like the racking cast on. I did a circular cast on. First row N/N 3, CX/CX  4,  N/N  5/4…

Main tension is 5/4…      I  had all needles in work except the last one on the back bed on the right. Both end needles are on the front bed.

Tension Mast 1-5,  Tension Mast 2-6

When programming the console, when it asks position I put in 1-

The pattern is 179 stitches and this will center it.  I finished this afghan in one hour  and got a wonderful work out! Felt like I was having a ten minute hot flash. 🙂

I used Michael Becker’s cast off but I took off on waste yarn circular so I would not have to bend over the machine. I then sat and latch tooled only the front bed stitches. Removed waste yarn and finished.This has not been blocked yet.