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Knitting Machine Latch tool versus Hair extension latch tool

latchtool1latch tool

I saw a post on Knitting Paradise from Natalie that mentioned that you could use a hair extension tool for knitting machines and it was cheaper. I stopped at Sally Beauty Supply today and I told the woman about it. She had them. I bought it and here is the difference between the two. The handles are the same length. My latch tool has a fatter handle but I have others that have a little thinner handle. The knitting machine tool hook  is 1 and 1/4 inches long and the hair extension tool hook is 2 inches long. The hook on the hair extension tool  is about half the width of the knitting machine tool. I think this feature is fantastic for the passap machines because of the  width of space between the beds. I also like how small it is for just catching a little bit of yarn to bring the stitch up. I do have a long handled hook that came with one of my machines but the hook is not rounded and it catches on everything else when  you pull up a dropped stitch. I also think the fact that the metal part is longer will be better. When you use the regular latch tool the handle can stop you from reaching far down between the beds. I can’t wait to use it. And the great thing was that it was only $3.59. I don’t know that this would help people that have the Bulky machines. I also would not latch tool off with it since it is so small.

Natalie emailed me and she said she found another hair extension tool on Amazon that has three latches and one handle. Here is the link for that if you are interested.