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Passap Afghan with Borders using the Console without Downloading into it.










I have covered this technique before and decided to make another afghan using the console. Well, it took so long to remember that I decided to write the whole technique out ….for your advantage as well as mine. There are two afghans here in the second picture. One is pattern 1144 and the other is 1153. The pattern is programmed in using the console and no downloading from computer. It seems very confusing but it really isn’t. If you print out the directions you can substitute other 40 stitch patterns like patterns 1147,1148,1151,1153 and 1154

You can use any fairisle pattern no matter what the pattern size. If it is a smaller pattern you just have to enter it several more times than a larger one. If you make this you will start to see how it is done. In these afghans the patterns are 40 stitches by 40 rows. On each of the afghans I repeated the pattern 3 times for width and that is 120 stitches. Then I added 9 stitches on each side for the border. You can go wider than that if you want to. I was making a baby afghan. Then I repeated the design 3 times row wise making 160 rows times 3 =480 rows. I did 32 rows of the border at the beginning and at the end. Here are the complete programming directions for you in my drop box.

A WORD TO THE WISE; If this is your first time doing this enter your information on the console. Set up the needles and test the pattern. Start your program .On the border pattern all the needles will be in work. Then push the COR button and agree to 69- and 69 plus for the needles. Then when it tells what row you are on enter row 30 and wait for a reset . Go through that set up and when it says row 30, knit two more rows(that is the border) the blanket design will set up on the last row you knit. You will see 9 side stitches on each side(or ten if the middle design is in work)for the side  borders and all of the needles in the middle will have a pattern. If not there is an error. HOWEVER, if when you program the console says 120 stitches and 160 rows, you should be okay.

My next sample  will be using technique 187.



Passap-Adding a Border to an Afghan

I came across an article in News and Views called Let’s Knit An Afghan-E6000. It is volume 25, November of 1995.The article is by JoAnn Teodori .

Once I sat and read the whole article, it seemed too confusing and I walked away. Started an afghan and was unsuccessful so I went back to this article and decided to figure it out. It was really easy once I got the hang of how it was being programmed.  The pattern for B  is 1071 in the passap pattern book and it is 32 st by 32 rows. You start by entering Pattern A as 186 which is a technique. Then Pattern B you enter 4 or five times to make sure pattern repeats across the bed. This was supposed to be 5 repeats and I made it 4 for a baby afghan. 4 repeats came to 128 stitches for the middle design. Then you program Pattern C just like pattern A which is the bottom and left side border. I used needles 64 left and 64 right and then I added nine stitches on each side for the border. When you are all done entering information and you start set up you just put needle 73 minus for the left needle and 73 right on the right side. The design will knit on middle 128 stitches and the borders knit the technique 186 which is plain. The directions are wonderful and they walk you through EVERY step of programming.

Okay so I cast on and knit the first row and the front bed stitches fell off! I thought…what the ?  I failed to follow one sentence in the article and that was to put the yarn in color four of your changer and cancel the other 3. Yep, that was it!  This total afghan was 592 rows and it is 37 inches by 40 inches. This is a yarn that I bought from ebayer Colobrians and it is supposed to be 224 but it is finer. However, it is just perfect for this fantasy fairisle afghan. It takes 10 ounces of yarn. Now I am going to do one in a 224 and different pattern with a border and measure the differences. The tuck will show up more I am sure but it is very nice on this one.