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Passap Purl Stitch Motif or Picture Knitting


My friend Susan asked me if we could do the purl stitch on the passap. I told her I know you can use the transfer carriage to do a whole row but wasn’t sure about a design. I fooled around with it and was unsuccessful.

Today I found notes  by Marilyn Myers from a knitting seminar .  I could not wait to try it. I did not make one mistake and it went rather quickly. However, I don’t know if I like it. Can you guess what the picture is? It is the train motif in the passap pattern book.

To do this it is rather simple. I just centered the motif on my sample and made note of the end needles of the design. Knitting is done on the back bed. The racking handle has to be up. All design stitches are on the front bed. Both locks are set to N/N. All you do is transfer the design stitches to the front bed and knit a row. On each row you will either transfer them back to the back bed or move more from the back bed to the front bed following the graph of your design.

Now, here is my opinion. I don’t care for it. I have g carriages for my Brother and designs come out nicer. However, here is what I am thinking. If you ever watch a g carriage it seems to pull the stitch off the needle and twist it and put it back on. Do you think this might make it look better. What are your thoughts?

Also, in regards to my last posting on the 1×1 rib using CX/CX I forgot to mentionsomething. The article states that elastic ribbing can go in the “pockets” created in the ribbing. Great for cottons.