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Passap ” I Love Dogs” Afghan



I made a baby afghan for a neighbor’s grandson. She told me he loves it and has worn it out. He is now 2. I told her I would make him another one and asked what he liked. She said he loves dogs. I spent about 4 to 5 hours playing around with ideas and came up with this one. Some of my blog followers have also asked if I had a design ¬†for an afghan for dogs since I made one for cats. So I am killing two birds here with one stone. ūüôā

I wanted to use blue but did not have royal blue 2/24. That was my first mistake. I found some Sky ¬†yarn that I have tons of. It is a 4/15 yarn and it knitted like a cotton on the passap. I don’t even know how I was able to cast on with 2.. for the CX rows. My main tension was 6../6.. and I could have gone higher. I also used yarn spray and that helped . I was okay with higher tension since I wanted the afghan larger than 30 by 30. (If you use 2/24 yarn it will come out like the cat afghan) To make matters worse I thought I was going to run out of yarn and that was stressful when I got to row 270. I made it though so that was good. I knitted it in about an hour……….. and then ¬†it took forever to finish it. I had to do the CX rows of the cast off 4 times using different tensions. When I tried to use tension 2 would not knit off the stitches. Tried tension 3, the same thing. Had to go to 4. When I did the last N/N row at 7/7 I lost a lot of front bed stitches. Picked them all up and decided to cast off on the machine. I washed it in the machine and the size got smaller but it is still good. I am used to 2/24 yarn but with this yarn I will probably have to ¬†lightly steam the edges and top and bottom to get it to lay flat. ¬†I don’t know how it is going to wear but I will ask her to let me know.

I used a paw design from free punchcard patterns on the ¬†internet along with some of the small dogs and the word Woof. The dachshund I found in Wendy Phillips Just Dogs ¬†book. I found the bone in Marc’s Motifs by Marc Pohlman’s The Kennel Club. I used the dachshund because the little boys grandmother has a dachshund .

I am sharing this pattern with you. Please use it for yourself or to give as gifts. Please do not sell this pattern as your own or the afghan itself on the internet.  I have a bmp file for win/crea users and a png file for DAK users. Remember, for this afghan you are using both beds but using a single bed technique. You have to reverse the colors. I have explained this in instructions to help you when you download.

PassapE6000, Lydias Afghans Series 3


Well, after one month of staying away from my Passap machine I decided to do something so I would not forget how to knit. You’re laughing…don’t , it happens. This is afghan B1B in series 3 of Lydia’s afghans. So, this afghan was going to be my “Shades of Grey” afghan until I took the three cones of grey into my knitting room and discovered that two of them were the same color. Oh gosh, is my eyesight going now? ¬†¬†The colors are slate grey, light grey and dark navy .The navy looks like black.

I started the afghan and reached row 452 when I saw that there was a mistake in the knitting. First I went and looked at the pattern on my computer and it was right. Then I figured out what row the mistake was on. I dropped the piece from the machine and started again. When I got to the same row I watched the front bed pushers and sure enough, three¬†came up that were¬†not supposed to be there. I was leary of the pattern now so I watched on every row where color one was for the diamonds. I ended up finding a mistake further along and took that pusher and put it out of pattern.¬†¬†Then I found another mistake on color three on another row. I noticed twice that needle 52 was coming up a couple of times. I changed the pusher. It happened again later¬†. Then when I was around row 850 I did not have any more problems. I knit 1393 rows. So, what caused the problem? There is no static electricity in the room I knit in. The room is on the cold side so was the console acting up? Is it the file? Is it the pushers ? Or is my machine like the car Christine and taking revenge on me since I have left her alone so long? Yep, I think that’s it!

The afghan came out perfect and I don’t see any more mistakes. If you look 2/3 of the way up the afghan, there are two diamonds with a totally different design. This is not a mistake. The afghan starts on the middle of that design! Weird.

Passap Afghan Lydia’s Afghan Series 1

Lydia's Afghan

Lydia’s Afghan

When I picked up that Passap machine for my friend S2, there were several patterns and books. Two of the patterns were Lydia’s Afghan Series 1 and 2. What surprised me is the floppy disk was with¬†them. So I put the disk in my computer and I was able to get the files into win/crea. A couple of things happened. The directions are for Creation Six . It said that the afghan was 1344 rows. Now I am on 560 and there are four roses on the blanket which is what the pattern was .¬†So I figured it just started repeating. Yep, but when I looked at the directions it was telling you in creation six to load the pattern B. I think it is sort of like using the reader sheets. So I ignored all that and knitted till I finished one more rose . Then I knitted four rows plain and bound off. The colors are moss and cranberry. The technique was 187 and I used two strands of 2/24. I used a tension of 5.. on both locks.

I did the racking cast on and then followed her cast off and I like it. In her directions she says when you are finished, cor, locks at N/N knit one row to the left. Change tension to 7 on both locks and knit one row to the right. I then took off on waste yarn knitting circular. She has you just keep knitting N/N with waste yarn and then steam last eight rows of waste yarn and the first two rows of the afghan and remove waste yarn and latch one stitch through the next. It was easier taking it off circular and then sitting and latching one stitch through the next.

I will be knitting more afghans in the series . This is not doing my rib any good! lol

Passap Nativity Afghan

Nativity Scene


You won’t believe how I came to knitting this pattern. A magazine came in the mail and this picture was in it. I usually scan them and work from there with three programs. I had my camera handy and decided to take a close up picture of it. I did that and then I opened my picture manager and cropped it so I had just the picture. I opened it in win/crea and the size came out 178 stitches ¬†by 230 rows!!! The only thing I had to do was make sure the borders came out even. I had nine stitches in navy on each side but when I did up a swatch the sides looked a little wider than the bottom so I changed a navy column to light taupe. I also had to correct some of the stars and that was it. I love how his staff goes into the side border. Oh, I also took it into win crea to reduce¬† colors but when it went to two colors, the pattern was lost. I took it into DAK and used four colors. One color was black and two were light pink and one was white. So I changed the light pinks to white and this is what I came up with. I wasn’t going to make afghans but I just had to knit this up. I used a dark navy and a light taupe. This was the easiest conversion to a knitting pattern that I have ever done. I am going to try to do this with a photo and see what happens. I used technique 187 .

Here is my drop box link for the pattern also. Please try this first.

If you have trouble email me at It is too hard to attach files out of wordpress.