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Needlefelting on My Felted Purse

My friend Linda from Craft  Gossip sent me this design about a year ago. I thought it was cute and would look nice on the third  light grey felted purse that I made.

Felted Slippers with Chicadee

Okay, Here is my second try at needle felting.I am starting to get the hang of it and it is fun. Only stabbed my finger one time. I bought a six pack of needles from the slimchicken web site   and it really paid off. There are different sizes for doing different things. I also sent her (Jodi) a picture and asked her to send the colors of merino wool roving  that she sees in the picture so I would have all to choose from for the project. She even sent me small amounts of a mohair and another sample that has real shine to it called Firestar.It looked funny to me to have the bird on only one slipper and the other plain so I added a little. This came out larger than I wanted it to but how do you get all the colors in on a smaller bird? lol  These will be for sale in my Etsy Store.