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Passap Tuck Lace Scarf using Jaggerspun Wool


I can not find a yarn that I want to try for this scarf. It is lost in my stash  somewhere. So I decided since I could not find it I would try this in Jaggerspun Main Line Wool 2/8 from Halcyon yarn.  The color is Sand. I love it. Though it is not sheer, it is soft, light weight and drapes nicely. The beauty of the pattern is that the sides are nice when you are finished. It looks like a scalloped edge. I lightly wet steamed this and could do more if I wanted it wider.  In my needle set up I had six groups of 3 needles on the front bed and five on the back bed. I moved my work over to the far right so that my left side was not too loose. My mast tension was 3 which is the lowest I have ever had it. This is so easy to do . If you forget to count six rows and can’t remember how many rows you just knitted, you can  just look at the row counter and divide by 6. The carriage is not hard to push since it is not using all the needles. I knitted 660 rows to get a scarf 68 inches long.

I love the way it is finished also. She has you knit two rows of N/N and then take off on waste yarn. Then you pick up the stitches with a knitting needle and you cast off. But in the cast off she has you wrap between the knit stitches before casting off .  On the purl, I just knitted the purl stitch and cast off without wrapping

Again, here is the free pattern to try this.—scarf

Cha Cha Scarf

This soft velvety scarf in a beautiful golden yellow is called Cha Cha by Patons. It is so soft that it feels like it has a lotion in the yarn. I used the slide setting two on my Brother bulky instead of slide one for a softer ribbing. 1×1 rib with 21 stitches for width. Tension 10 both beds. It is 3 and 1/2 inches wide and 56 inches long. It looks pretty by itself or with a scarf pin.

The best color and texture are in this close up picture.

Potato Chip Scarf In Fall Colors

Here is another potato chip scarf done on the Bulky Brother Knitting Machine.  This can be made with all machines. Just use every other needle set up . Hang six stitches and put them behind the needles. Then place the next six loops of yarn into the hooks of the needles, make sure latches are closed and hand knit these stitches back. Continue until the end of the ball of yarn.   It does not look long in the picture but it is about 78 inches. It wraps around the neck nicely and I love the feel of this yarn. It will be for sale in my Etsy shop.

I used Starbella Yarn by Premier . The yarn does not go through the tension mast. I leave it on my lap and hand feed to knit.

Potato Chip Scarf made with Pirouette Yarn

I made this Scarf with a yarn that is like Starbella and costs the same. It is called Pirouette by Patons. I was surprised when it did not come out as long as I wanted it to and found it only has three ounces to the skein. I can’t remember if I had to use two of starbella for the long white one that I made. It has an edge on it that is soft balls in a velour like yarn. It also has sequins and it is in different shades of blue. It measures 36 inches long and it will look nice just hanging around the neck. I must say that this yarn feels as soft around the neck as the Starbella does.

If you left click on the picture with your mouse you can see the detail in the yarn.

St Patricks’s Day Knitted Scarf on the Passap

I wanted to knit a scarf for St Patricks Day to put in my Etsy store. This is my second design. The first design was just solid blocks of green and white. I did not like the result because the white yarn was a little lighter in weight and it did not look good. I went back and made borders and filled in some stitches so that the green and white were more evenly distributed. I used one strand of 224 yarn for each color with a tension of 2.5  . I had 46 stitches and placed them on needles 44 to 89 on the right side of the bed so that the yarn on the carriage side did not loop. I used technique 183 and knitted 1260 rows. The scarf is 5&1/2 inches wide and about 66 inches long. I used a shamrock that was in a dish cloth design to start with. Then I put two in a row evenlly spaced. I then flipped the right one upside down. I made one half of background white and the other half green making sure to change the color of the one shamrock to white. On the second row, I snagged the right half of the design and copied and pasted on the left side and then did that for the right side making design a total of 4 squares that were 46 stitches by 42 rows.

Potato Chip Scarf “Short and Curly”

I made this scarf using the same method for the previous black scarf but only cast on six stitches and only knitted two rows with the second yarn Perla. It is shorter-30 inches, and curlier. I would wear this with a top or jacket. This would be a great neck warmer in an office that is cold.

She Likes It !!

 heey thank you soooooo much for my scarf i am in LOVE with it sooooooooo much thank you!!!! “its perfect thank you sooooooooooo much LOL”  These were the words from my friends’ granddaughter on my facebook when she received the scarf. Is she cute in it or what! When I asked my friend how long it should be she said whatever you think. I told her “wrong answer” She looked up standard scarf measurements and it is 66 inches so we figured out about 72. It was more like 80 inches because of wrapping around the neck. Well, her granddaughter is happy and that is all that counts.

Sassy Scarf

I made this scarf for my friend’s granddaughter who lives with her. A couple of months ago my friend was correcting her granddaughter about something and her granddaughter said “You’re so Sassy”. Then she told a teacher that! Won’t tell you the outcome of that. lol So my friend wanted me to make her a scarf with that word on it and here it is. The first design my friend did was too large and when I scaled it down it really put it out of proportion. I knitted up the first design and if she wore it, it would have said “Assy” because the S would have been around the neck! So I just bound that off and made a wall hanging in the picture on the right. Hope she likes the scarf.

Angora And Wool Passap Knitted Scarf

This is a scarf that uses design 1130 and technique 280 and the U100. Stitches are transferred from the front bed to the back bed every two rows. The width is 44 needles and the length is 520 rows (64 inches long) I bought the yarn at Joann Fabric and it is the first time I have seen it. It is Patons Lace. It is a nice yarn to use on the Passap Machines. It comes in 3 oz skeins. It is 80% acrylic, 10% mohair and 10% wool. It can be machine washed on cool and lay flat to dry. I am not crazy about the variegated color. The only solid color was cream. I think it would look better and the design will show better. I checked Patons web site and there is only one solid color called vintage . I am going to try that color next. Left click on picture with mouse to see detail.

Skull Scarves in Red & Black

My niece took the skull scarf for her grandson, so I made him his in black and white without fringe. Then my niece wanted two scarves in red and black for a friend. Now I am finished with my family obligations. LOL Click on the picture for a close up of scarf. My niece told me to put them in my etsy shop but I told her I did not think anyone would want one and then she ends up finding someone that does.

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