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Passap Afghan by Michael Becker


My, it’s been such a long time since I have knitted on any of my machines. Since it  has been so hot I am staying inside. I decided to see if I hooked everything up right after moving my machine to another room and if I  remembered how to knit on the passap . lol

I have moved all my machines out of my knitting room and it is now a sewing room. My 940 and bulky are in another bedroom but set up so that I can knit. My passap is set up in a room by itself but that is the smallest of all the rooms. It has a wood floor. My passap has cardboard under the wheels so the floor does not get scratched. There is one window up high 😦 and my machine faces a wall. 😦  For this reason it is not fun knitting in there. To top it off, the machine was moving and I was sliding off my knitting stool as it moved back away from me. Also, it is the only room in the house without an overhead fan but when the air is on it is VERY NICE. That is about the only good thing about where the machine is.

I have another afghan set up to start and I think I will only knit about 250 rows and take a break. I was so used to sitting and looking out two windows and watching the birds when I needed a break. I miss that.

I have gotten into quilting and had a break between a block of the month quilt so I gave this afghan a try. My friend Patty made this afghan and sent me a picture of it and I loved it. Now to make you laugh, I have the pattern and never saw it in the book , or if I did , it did not strike me as something I wanted to do. This is from Michael Becker’s Passap Instant Afghans Book 3.  It is called Mist. I made mine in  hunter green and cream. I used 2 strands of 2/24 at tension 5. I used the fantasy fair-isle technique .

I am going to make afghans to donate to the high school in Mentor where I live. Every year they have a craft bazaar and they sell raffle tickets to raise money.

Passap Afghan “Fans” by Michael Becker


I had to make another afghan for the other grand daughter of a friend of mine. The first  girl liked black and cream. This girl likes black and white. The pattern is from Michael Beckers book Passap Instant Afghans Book 4.

I have made this before but I thought I would post this since I see a lot of people asking what tensions to start with on the passap.

I used two strands of 2/24. I don’t like the racking cast on. I did a circular cast on. First row N/N 3, CX/CX  4,  N/N  5/4…

Main tension is 5/4…      I  had all needles in work except the last one on the back bed on the right. Both end needles are on the front bed.

Tension Mast 1-5,  Tension Mast 2-6

When programming the console, when it asks position I put in 1-

The pattern is 179 stitches and this will center it.  I finished this afghan in one hour  and got a wonderful work out! Felt like I was having a ten minute hot flash. 🙂

I used Michael Becker’s cast off but I took off on waste yarn circular so I would not have to bend over the machine. I then sat and latch tooled only the front bed stitches. Removed waste yarn and finished.This has not been blocked yet.

Passap Afghan by Michael Becker of Distinctive Knits

Michael Becker Afghan

Michael Becker Afghan

I made this afghan for a woman’s granddaughter. Her granddaughter saw one that I made her and she told her grandmother that she wanted it. Of course, she said no. So I asked what her granddaughters  favorite colors are and she said cream and black. Yep, I have those colors. And so the story begins.

Sometimes I think I should just give up knitting because I always run into a dilemma, through no fault of my own…snicker….snicker.

My passap was practically singing to me while she is knitting for me, doing a great job. I finished this in less than an hour and a half with 1000 rows. Now here it comes. The bind off. I read the bind off Michael Becker says to do and think, no, I can do the one I always do . I do my last rows. Take off circular in waste yarn and go to latch one stitch through the next and it is too tight even though my last row was knitted at tension 8. This is that fantasy fairisle that really spreads out and I thought, this won’t do. Put back on the machine? Nooooooooo! Hmmmm . Yes, that is what I did. It took forever to put back on because what color am I using for the background? Black!  So I start the long slow tedious process because of course I can’t see and I am using 2 strands of 2/24. What? Now the sun is going in and getting really overcast. I finally got it back on and did his bind off and it is perfect and stretches nicely.  So actually, the bind off dilemma took longer to do than the afghan. lol

The pattern is from Passap Instant Afghans Book 3 by Michael Becker. The colors are black and cream even though it looks white. I really was surprised how pretty this is. His cover on his book does not do this justice. The edges look like they are scalloped but they aren’t. Of course, I love black and cream too. I know her granddaughter will like it.


Michael Becker Instant Afghan on Passap

I made this Michael Becker Afghan in Navy and Off White 224. It has a wonderful drape to it and a perfect size.  This afghan is from his Instant Afghan Book Number Four. It is 45″ by 70″ and is available in my cckittenknits etsy store. The picture on the right is the reverse side of the afghan.