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Passap Diamond Within A Diamond


I was reading an article called Queen of Diamonds by Irene Krieger in Machine Knitting News magazine August 2002 . I looked at this diamond and thought , that’s too easy so lets do the one design next to it. I could not grasp how to do the design I wanted to do  and thought I better try the  “easy” diamond design first to see if it would turn on the light bulb in my brain. OMG!!! The article just tells you how she added texture and some of what she did to arrive at the design. She does not give needle set up or what needles go  on the front or back bed. I sort of assumed it was done on a standard machine but had to try the passap because I love it. (Did I ever mention that? lol)It took me three times before I finally got it. I think it would take me even longer  to  write out the instructions !! haha

You start out doing the eyelet transfer on the front bed. When you move L1  needle to L2 on the same bed, you then bring one needle into work on the back bed opposite the hole.(racking handle up) Then knit four rows. On the next row you take the stitches on either side of the first eyelet(L2, R1) on the front bed and put them on the stitch next to them (L2 to L3 and R1 to R2). Then you pull needles on the back bed forward into the empty spaces. You continue until there are nine needles on the back bed. This is the purl area around the middle “knitted” diamond. Then the fun begins!!! While you are moving the end stitches out on the front bed for the big diamond, now you will start the middle diamond  by moving those stitches to the front bed! Sound confusing? It was and is. My sample is larger because I went wider with the diamond .(And yes, it was a mistake)

The reason that I like this design is because the rest of the garment would be in knit and that is a lot easier sewing the side seams than if it were the purl side. I probably won’t make anything using this design but did you ever wonder how something was done and just had to try it? I know a lot of you can think outside of the box and could come up with lots of ideas where to use this.

Now, I have to go try the design next to this one that I wanted to start with first  and see if I can figure it out after doing this “easy” one. Hah

If enough of you want me to write the instructions on this, I will do it. Just let me know. 🙂

My Door Mouse….. Rat?

My Door Mouse.....Rat?

My Door Mouse…..Rat?


My husband said this is not a door mouse but a door rat!

This pattern is from a Machine Knitting News Supplement. It is knitted and not felted in the supplement. I did not like the seam down the front of him and I love felting so I decided to see what would happen if I felted him. I just used a size 8 tension. I attached everything before felting including his little vest. As you can see, my vest does not look like the pattern.

felted mouse picture001

Everything was going well until I started to knit the vest. It did not make sense but I knitted it and it was wrong. So I did it how I thought it should be and ended up with the correct amount of rows and stitches.  100% of the time I think I am wrong but I don’t thinks so in this case. Anyway, I like how the little vest turned out. I crocheted around the vest and then I sewed the middle up the front. It did not felt small enough so I cut it up the middle and sewed a button on.

There are two reasons, well, three as to why I made this. The first is that I have a folder of things I want to try to knit and this was on the top. Second, I wanted to see how he would look felted. But the third and real reason is that my passap frustrated me so I started cleaning my knitting room and felt I needed to complete something that I coud get right! lol

So…………….now I will go back to the passap and try another technique.


Passap E6000, My first sweater

This is my first sweater on the Passap E 6000. I found the design in a Machine Knitting News Magazine. I thought it would be easy because you don’t use the console. I used diamonte yarn. I found I needed two pounds of yarn because of knitting on double bed. This pattern was originally cut and sew but I don’t like that for two reasons. One, I would rather spend three hours at knitting machine than getting out my sewing machine and, Two, I feel it is a waste  of good yarn. I think after this one I might change my mind! It took me roughly two weeks to make this because of working at my job and because I made one sleeve three times. The first time I followed measurements of upper sleeve that were in the pattern and it was too large. Then I knitted again and only did  two pin tuck designs instead of four. The third time I made the sleeve I did three pin tucks instead of four and I decided to make the other one the same instead of starting all over. Then I made one of the front bands a couple of times. The pattern called for short rowed shoulders and I did it even though I don’t like the look. It does cut a lot of excess material away doing that.  If I make this again and I probably will now that I know what I would change, I would do cut and sew and I would not short row shoulders. Also, you can see my decreases up the neck which is okay but with cut and sew it would be nice and smoothe. The pin tucks are easy to do. It is just holding yarn on one bed and knitting four rows on the other bed. Cancel and knit normally until next pin tuck. After all of this, the jacket does look nice on me. 🙂