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Stained Glass Scarf

I was cleaning up my yarns and organizing them and I came across four balls of this ribbon yarn by Lion Brand called Trellis. I wondered if it would knit on my bulky machine so I tried it. OMG I have to tell you how drapey and pretty this is. I used about a ball and a half for the scarf and then I made fringe on the ends . The colors are so vibrant. They are lime, turquoise and fuschia. I wondered how to describe the yarn and I thought, Wow , this reminds me of the stained glass windows in churches.  I sat down after making the scarf and wrote the pattern and looked at the color and guess what-DUH! It is called Stained Glass! The amazing thing is that none of the yarn got caught up on the needles. The worst part was when I ran out of yarn and it dropped. It took longer to put back on the machine than it did to knit the whole scarf. Because I don’t remember what I paid for this yarn,  now I look  it up  to see what the cost is so I can price it to sell and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a look at ebay. That is the only place to find it because the yarn is discontinued.  People are asking up to 10 dollars a ball! Each ball is 50 grams and it is 1 & 3/4  ounces. The scarf is 60 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Potato Chip Scarf In Fall Colors

Here is another potato chip scarf done on the Bulky Brother Knitting Machine.  This can be made with all machines. Just use every other needle set up . Hang six stitches and put them behind the needles. Then place the next six loops of yarn into the hooks of the needles, make sure latches are closed and hand knit these stitches back. Continue until the end of the ball of yarn.   It does not look long in the picture but it is about 78 inches. It wraps around the neck nicely and I love the feel of this yarn. It will be for sale in my Etsy shop.

I used Starbella Yarn by Premier . The yarn does not go through the tension mast. I leave it on my lap and hand feed to knit.

Potato Chip Scarf #2

I made another potato chip scarf using a pattern from a site that my friend Jacqui sent me. She can find anything on the internet!  This is the site

I used Premier Yarn called “Starbella” and the second yarn is Perla, one strand. I cast on with Perla(e-wrap) on 8 needles on my Bulky Machine(you can use any machine single bed) I used a tension 2. for the Perla and the tightest mast setting. I knit two rows and then hung the Starbella and hand knitted that row. I then knitted 4 rows with the carriage with Perla. I hung the Starbella and knitted 4 rows Perla . I continued until I finished 306 rows.  The scarf is 65 inches long. It says you can machine wash this yarn but I would hand wash.

This scarf is not as curly as the white one I made. On that one I used 6 stitches and went wider on the black to 8 stitches giving a little more curl. This one is nice if you don’t like all the “fluff” at your neck.

Machine “Hand Knit” Potato Chip Scarf

This is the potato chip scarf that I “hand knitted” on the knitting machine(Brother Bulky) The yarn is called Starbella by Premier. I went to U tube videos to see how these were knitted and went back to the machine to try it. I used six needles and hung the loops from edge on these needles. I pushed these loops behind the latches and took  the next six loops on edge of yarn and put in hooks of needles. I then pushed the needles back all the way pulling these six stitches through the first six. I then pulled needles to hold so those stitches were behind the latches, rehung six and repeated this all the way to 64 inches. The yarn does not go through the tension mast and this can be done on any machine.This is an all acrylic yarn that feels silky and drapey. The cost was $8.00 plus shipping. They have variegated yarns but I bought the creamy white and I bought a black. People are using Red Heart Boutiqe Sashay but availabilty is not good until the end of January. When I first priced it , it was$4.99 a skein. I will try it with that yarn when it becomes available since I can buy it locally. However, love the feel of this yarn. You can see all of the different ways to wear this scarf and I really like the look. You can left mouse click on pictures to make them larger.