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Same Idea, Different Look


Thelma Viers    Buttonhole

Thelma Viers Buttonhole

Okay, I tried again. This time I started the band on waste yarn and took it off on waste yarn and then attached it to the fabric. I decided not to cross the stitches when starting so it did not pull in. The look is different but the band lays flat. It is a little decorative but I am not totally happy with it.  The second picture is the buttonhole that I love. When it comes off the machine, no loose ends or sewing to do. They come out perfect.

The way to cross 8 stitches came out to be easy when I did it this way. When I wanted to cross the stitches I hand knitted the 8 stitches with ravel cord  and put needles all the way out of work. I hung a small weight below the stitches and slightly pulled so all the needles came into work. I took two 4 prong tools and removed all 8 stitches. I crossed the right to the left. Then I pulled on the ravel cord end on the right  and the stitches go back onto the needles on the left. Then I crossed the remaining four and put on the right needles. I pulled the ravel cord on the left and used a transfer tool to put it back on the needle. Then I continued with the next one. On the last needle you will have the ravel cord with the two ends in your hand. When you pull both ends, the stitch will appear and lift it with the transfer tool and put on last needle. Then I hand knit one row with an extra piece of yarn so it is not hard on machine to knit the next row. If anyone wants pictures of this I will gladly do over and take pictures. Just email me.