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Passap Buttonhole by Barbar Rein

DSCF2673 DSCF2674

I was so excited when I saw how this third buttonhole was done and I thought I would have a new favorite. My excitement was short lived. Here is a beautiful bound buttonhole . The only problem is that I don’t like bands knitted in the same direction as the garment. So, I thought let’s try it horizontally. Because of the way that the edges of the buttonholes are bound off after taking off of the machine, it can’t be done. I would have to bind off one side of the buttonhole and you would get the effect of Thelm Viers  and hers is easier to do on machine. I also tried to bind the one edge of buttonhole off by pulling one stitch through the other and it works but the buttonhole pulls too tight and the hole would be smaller.

I followed the directions and I feel this band it too wide so I would make it less stitches. Also, it might have helped if I did a purl row on edge . I love the bound off buttonhole look though. It reminds me of the bound buttonholes I did on a lined suit in sewing class many, many years ago.

This band was 25 needles and started and ended on scrap yarn. There are two sets of four needles for buttonholes on the buttonhole row. You will pull out four needles starting with the 5th needle on the right. Then skip 9 needles and pull out four needles again. Take a piece of ravel cord and hand knit just the buttonhole needles and then knit to the next buttonhole.  When finished with knitting the length you want, take off on waste yarn. You will fold the band widthwise and then line up the two sets of buttonhole stitches on the waste yarn with the purl side facing you. You will hang the 4  top stitches above the ravel cord from one set and the top from the other set and bind these off. Then you take the stitches below the ravel cord and put on four needles (plus a loop to keep hole from forming) and hang the second set and bind off these four stitches. Then you pull the ravel cord out and you have a beautiful bound buttonhole. If you did it right, the hole will open with a gentle pull. I won’t go into detail but if you would like a full explanation, email me and I will send it.

In conclusion, I still like Thelma Viers buttonholes.

Passap Buttonhole by Thelma Viers

DSCF2656 thelmaviersbuttonholeHere is the Thelma Viers buttonhole done on the passap machine. STILL MY FAVORITE! It is done on the single bed. She wrote directions for the Brother but it was actually easy on the passap. When I got to the buttonholes I just hand knitted the two rows instead of trying to do it with the carriage.  These buttonholes can be done on any machine. I think they look neater even though you can see them more than KC Knits buttonholes in last posting and in the top picture of this posting.

I started with waste yarn. Knit 6 rows. The next two rows I did by hand. You hand knit the stitches to the first buttonhole. Pull the stitches out all the way and bind off for buttonhole. I used four stitches. Hand knit the stitches to the next buttonhole and bind off and continue to last buttonhole and hand knit the remaining stitches.  To do the next row to the right, you will  hand knit the stitches to the buttonhole. E wrap these four empty needles and hand knit to the next buttonhole and do the same and continue to the  end of the row. Knit 6 rows. I transferred the stitches to the front bed and did a loose row for turning row but I cut the yarn and moved carriage to the left side to knit the one row to the right . I transferred them back to the back bed and continued with the second half of the band. Knit 6 rows. Now you will do the two hand knit rows to complete the buttonhole. Hand knit the stitches to the first buttonhole.  Now pick up the wrapped edge of the buttonhole in the first half of the band and hang on the four buttonhole stitches.(there will be two stitches on each needle of buttonhole) Bind these stitches off and hand knit to the next buttonhole and do the same. For the return row to the right, do not hand knit to the first buttonhole . Instead pick up the bound off edge of the buttonhole from the first half of the band and place these stitches on the empty buttonhole needles. Do that for each buttonhole. Also, pick up the loop to the right of each of the buttonholes from the e-wrapped row and hang on needle on right of the buttonholes (prevents a hole). Take your carriage to the left side on a free pass and then knit the row to the right. This completes the buttonhole. Check it out now to see that  the buttonhole is open. Then knit the last six rows and take off on waste yarn. I hope I have not confused you. I knit these bands about one tension tighter than the garment tension.

Because I put an odd number of rows to do the turn row, I cut the yarn and take carriage to the left and knit one row to the right. You must be on the right side of the needle bed when you do the hand knit rows. The ends of the bands are open but then I just use the end yarn to sew them closed. Next, I will do two more different methods on the passap for buttonholes.