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Slipper Socks on the Brother 940 in Fine Lace





Every now and then I like to do “No thinking” knitting and get something finished. I am making these slipper socks for my Etsy store. They are made with CanCun yarn on the Brother standard machine. It is a baby bootie pattern that I used and just changed stitches and rows to fit adult foot. The cuffs are doubled which is nice because they don’t stretch out and they keep your ankle warm.

Knitted Slipper Socks with Fine Lace Design

I decided to make a pair of my slipper socks because I have not knitted on my standard gauge Brother in awhile. It really felt funny. I have not made a pair of these in awhile  and I actually had to look at the pattern I wrote. They are made using the fine knit setting on the lace carriage. They are made with CanCun yarn at a tension of 6. All I did for the pattern was to take a baby bootie pattern and just use my stitch and row gauge after I measured my foot.

They are for sale in my Etsy Store.

Preventing stitches from dropping while shortrowing heels and toes of socks.


I think I posted this a long time ago but someone asked me to explain it. While knitting socks and short rowing the toes and heels, stitches can pop off of the needles. On the Passap machine it is impossible to reach up between beds and pull the toe or heel down to prevent this from happening.(at least it is for me) I put a piece of ravel cord behind the stitches on the front bed. The piece needs to be long enough so that you can see it and hang a weight on it. I short row down to 12 stitches so I put the ravel cord behind stitches 6 left and 6 right. I then hang a weight(from my Brother machine) on the cord and I hang one on the left and right side of this to hold the rest of the stitches down. When you start to short row out again, open the beds and place the cord behind the same stitches as before. This takes a  little time but avoids the frustration of losing a stitch. You can also place three ravel cords(one on each side of the center piece) and gently hold them down with your hand while short rowing also. Also, make sure you are using the black strippers when doing toe or heel on one bed only



Husband’s Sock on the Passap

I made this sock on the Passap for my husband from a pattern that I bought . It is called Socks Especially for Passap Knitters in 14 Sizes by Cindy M. Schott,KAS Knit & Stitch. I wanted it to make a pair that showed how to do the short rowing properly on the Passap Machine. And the big discovery for me is that you wrap the stitches while doing the heel and toe going in and going out from short rowing. The pattern gives two ways of short rowing and this was the first way and it came out nicely without holes. The yarn is called Truly by Sensations and is a sock yarn. I bought it at Joann fabrics and it is about 7 dollars a skein and I needed one and a half skeins.  I waited for a sale of course.  It is 55% wool and 30% nylon and 15% rayon from Bamboo. It is machine washable and is softer after washing. I used a td of 6.. and 72 stitches. I knit 70 rows of rib at td 4 I short rowed down to 12 stitches on the heel and toe. I knit 20 rows for ankle and fifty rows for body of sock. My swatch was 10 rows to the inch and 7.27 st to the inch. The color is charcoal grey. On one skein it is 60 grams and 2.12 ounces, 262 yards and 240 meters

Knitted Bed Slipper Socks

Most of you have seen these before. They are slipper socks knitted with Tamm Can Cun Yarn. This pattern that I have is just an adaptation of a baby booty pattern that our club used to knit for the Crisis Center. I just readapted it to adult size with the stitch and row guage of the yarn. I knitted it on the Brother Machine because I can do it with my eyes closed since I have made so many pairs. It can be done on the passap but I would have to redo the guage. I used 72 needles and a tension of 5 for the body of sock. It is knit with a fine lace design in it that is hard to see in the picture. I am knitting them so I can restock my Etsy store. I sold out of them at Christmas. The color is a deep plum. If you left click on the picture you can see the shimmer in the yarn.

White Miniature Christmas Stocking on the Passap

This is a little miniature stocking for my friend Linda. She saw the red ones and liked them and I asked her if she wanted one. She said yes but in white because of the way she decorates her tree. Here it is. I used the Passap machine and short rowed the stocking like a sock. I think I could have finished a larger one faster than this one! The carpet stitch is the cuff.

Bernat Sox on Passap

This is another Bernat Sox yarn called HippieHot. I decreased my tension to 6.5 on body of sock and it is the best so far. I had one and a quarter ounces of yarn left out of 100 grams after making these socks.

These socks are now for sale in my Etsy Store, CCKitten Knits Etsy

Bernat Sox on the Passap Machine

This is another pair of socks made with Bernat Sox yarn. I had 1/2 ounce of yarn left after the last pair I made so on this pair I made the ankle shorter(2 inches) and the rib longer. I like it even better. I have not washed this pair yet but stitches will close a little more. I solved a problem that all people that knit socks run in to. That is , holding down on the work while short rowing the heel. In the second picture you will see what I did. I did not have a problem with stitches rising up on needles until I short rowed the heel back out to the original number of stitches. In the picture you will see that once I short rowed in, I placed a piece of ravel cord on each side of the stitches that are left before completing heel. I used a latch tool to pull the piece of ravel cord down between the beds. I made it long enough that I could hold it with my knees until I completed the heel. On the Passap machine, the beds are so close together that it is hard to get a weight in there to hold the heel. I could have tied the ends of the ravel cord together to hold weight also. This works for me!




Passap Knee Sock

This is another pattern I found in a Passap Seminar book from 1990. It is a knee sock. I mainly tried it to see how it was done for toe and heel. I love the circular part but the holes for the short rowning seem large on the toe and heel and I don’t like the increases for the calf part. I don’t know too much on short rowing on passap and just did what I usually do on the Brother so this may not be correct. I do like the way the sock starts at the toe and knits up. I did not do a tension swatch and was surprised how well the sock fit. I did not go all the way up over the knee but should have. I did not do the top hem correctly either but this was just a lesson on the toe and heel for me. I used TD 5 with Trenzi yarn.