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Knitted Dog Coat for Petey

My project for today was fun but not totally successful.  I knitted a piece of fabric on the passap machine that was 25 inches long. I bought fleece material with paw prints for the lining. I bought a sewing pattern for the coat. I used 2 strands of 224 yarn for the fabric .

It was almost impossible to get a good picture with him moving around so much. I liked the pattern because it has an opening for the collar to come through to hook the leash. This is easy to get on him when he is moving because it has velcro on the underneath of his tummy and around the neck so nothing goes over his head. I don’t know that the collar helps at all . I think it should go all the way around instead of a half circle. The pattern says the collar can be folded back also . Why?

Now, what I don’t like is that the knitted fabric did not have to be that thick. One strand of 224 would have been good thickness. Secondly, I would like it to be two inches longer to go to back of tail(hard to measure a moving target! )and I would like the sides to come down about another half inch. I will make this again because I first bought black and white paw print fleece material so I have to use it up and there isn’t enough of it to make a fleece pair of pajama bottoms for me. lol