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Passap Baby Blanket- I Made the Pattern


              Baby on the Moon

Now I know why I buy patterns instead of making them. I have a great appreciation for people that do this. I have been working on this pattern for three days. On my first pattern I knitted it a third of the way and the moon was too narrow and the babies’  head was too big.  I also had the words Someone New in the upper left hand corner and the words To Love in the lower right hand corner. I started over and this is what I came up with. I can see that I can take more rows out of the moon right where the star is and then shorten the star.  I used 165 needles and knitted 600 rows and the afghan came out a square. It is 33.5 in width and length.

I am sharing it with you for your own personal use, not production knitting.  If you want it wider, you can add stitches next to the borders. You can also add more rows near the upper and lower borders if you want it longer. You can change the saying to the Baby’s name or put a different saying like Heavenly Angel or Angel sent from Heaven or…..well, you get the idea. I think this would be cute as a three color afghan also so that the baby shows up more. The pattern is available in my drop box at this link. I have a bmp file and a cut file. There is also a word document where I write out how to answer the questions after you download the file into win/crea. I set this design on needles 83 left and 82 right so I had to position the pattern on the needle Minus 1

Have fun if you make it . Would love to see your results if you knit it. 🙂

Passap Baby Afghans-Two more

Precious Baby


After I made the first afghan in blue I sort of thought the bunny and the bird might have been too girly for a boy. So I went in and changed the designs in the blocks and came up with Precious Baby. The cut file is in the drop box that lullaby baby is in. I also added two more columns on each side of both afghans so the border is a little wider and it looks perfect. You can take this file and open it in win/crea and change the animals to anything that you like. They are anywhere from 25 to 30 rows if you are looking for new designs.

I also knitted the pink afghan at 5.25 on both beds and it was too loose on the back bed. So I used the tension of 5.25/5   The afghan did not come out that much larger because of adding columns. I do like the size though.