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More Felted Wine Bottle Covers

I have a customer that has bought 12 wine bottle covers from me. I just finished the snowman and she bought it and asked if I could do a Santa carrying a sack of toys. Well this is the closest I could come to that and be able to needle felt it. The Santa is needle felted with wool roving. The white is sparkly and I think it is roving. A lady I buy from who has Slim Chicken web site sent it as a sample. It feels like nylon yet it does felt. It has a sparkle that you can’t see in the pictures. This was the hardest one for me to do and by all means not perfect. Keep on practicing I always say. Lol  Update: She bought it and it was in store probably five minutes. Yay!

Four New Felted Wine Bottle Covers

A woman bought two of my wine bottle covers and asked if I was making more since her sister saw the two and wanted two of the same. I made her the red one with the black buttons and red and black scarf but told her that I could not make the lime and cream one(these were in previous posts). I told her I would make a couple of different ones and maybe her sister will like one of them. I made four. I knitted and felted the cover and then I knitted the leaves seperately and lightly felted them in my table top felter. I then sewed them on the cover. Needle felting would not work. The leaves are from Ricki Mundstocks embellishments. I believe it was a handout at one of the seminars and may be in one of her books. I needle felted an acorn on the corner of the collars of the covers with the leaves.

The poinsettia cover is cream and the flower is also from Ricki Mundstocks embellishments. After looking at the photo  of the poinsettia, I think it needs a couple of green leaves. I transferred every other needle to the next one near the top edge of the cover to weave the yarn through for a little more color. It still needs some green leaves though. lol

My friend Linda suggested a hat so I made one for the cream cover with the green and red buttons. I added pom poms to the end of the hat and the ends of the scarves. If she does not like any of these, they will go into my Etsy store.

Retro Wine Bottle Cover

Now I think am losing it. I told my husband that when he sees what I just finished he will tell me I need to get a  life. So I show it to him and when the laughter finally died down he asked where I got the colors! My next question to him was what does it look like to him. More laughter of course….and then he said It looks like an old coat from the goodwill store! I was thinking he would say a bathrobe. Not!

Anyway, I had fun making it. I put little patch pockets on it . I just felted up a flat piece of fabric to cut the arms out.

Now….if I could just find a little pair of glasses for the pocket or a little night cap-uh oh, there goes the mind again. lol

Felted Wine Bottle Cover with Needle Felting Design

This is my first attempt at a wine cover. I knitted circular until four inches from the top. Then I knitted half tube by changing the part buttons every two rows. I short rowed the last 8 rows 4 stitches 4 times. I then felted it and added a needle felting design. I made a bottom for this one but it is not necessary. The next one that I will post I just gathered the bottom stitches that  I started on waste yarn and it came out nice. I still have to work on the needle felting design by going around all of the grapes and leaves with a finer needle. I wanted to get a picture before it was too dark.

This will be for sale in my Etsy store.