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Passap Stained Glass Window Afghan

staingl4I saw the picture of this stained glass window design and thought it would make a pretty afghan. I used a photo program and then resized it. I worked a little bit every day on it . It came out okay but I have a lot more “tweaking” to do.  I don’t think I know enough about doing my  own patterns. The picture was huge so I shortened it to 190 rows. I worked and worked on it. Then I looked up four color afghans and they are usually 160 rows. So while it was in win/crea, I resized it and it squashed it down and I think that helped with eliminating elongation.  I also wanted to use fuscia for the flower but the 2/24 fuscia I have seems a lot thinner and I was afraid the other colors would bleed through. I used  off white, black, hunter green and plum. It did not come out that large since my mast tensions were on the tighter side. It is a great size for a lap blanket or a wrap. It is 32 inches wide by 50 inches long. I think if I clean this pattern up more, it would like nice at Christmas with a poinsettia and colors red, green ,black and off white. On second thought, I think I should leave pattern designing to other people.

Passap Afghan Lovely-Navy Blue

I made this navy blue Afghan Lovely for my Etsy store. My passap was knitting like a dream until I was halfway finished and the yarn seemed to be bunching up on the left side. I removed it from the machine and it was the way the yarn was coming down from the mast that caused the problem. I realized that the mast tension was too loose. I put it at 5, rewound the yarn and it knitted beautifully to the very last row. I used TD 5 and knitted 948 rows using needles 89L and 88R so that both end needles would be on the back bed. Technique 140. It is five panels wide and six panels long.