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Floating Buttonhole Toggle

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I finished my hand knitted scarf but I needed a closure for it. I was at a hand knitting seminar with my friend Shelia last Saturday. It was put on by the Northcoast Hand Knitting Group. All I can say is WOW. The fibers and yarns available were gorgeous. I was looking for large buttons and I came across a booth with these Floating Buttonhole Toggles. This is the Large Black number CL61-1. I bought two of them and I can change to several different looks because of that. Here are just a couple. The toggle on the left is the complete set. The one on the right is how it looks unassembled. I can use just the oval and two silver middles. I can use the oval with two large buttons on each end or two small buttons on each end. I can use four small buttons alone or two large buttons alone. They are made of leather. There is a slot near the hole on one end so that you can button them and the button slides into the hole. The screws are long enough so that they will not come undone and fall out. I think this is a very unique idea. They are not permanent on the scarf and you can put them on other scarves that you own. There are also different styles and colors of leather.  She also has them in different colors of just the large one by itself. Check out her site. It is  Click on products catalog.

I paid 17.99 for one of these. The single buttons she has are 7.99 a piece.