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Felted Nook Cover-Finished

I finished my Nook Cover. I used a thinner Jaggerspun Maine Line  black wool and knitted it up on the passap for the liner.  I cut the liner down the middle and sewed one piece on each side on three edges leaving the inside fold edge open. I inserted plastice canvas on each side and then sewed the black felted pieces together. I put velcro attachment on the right edge by sewing the pieces into the seam when it was inside out. I cut out sticky felt letters but will have to glue them since I don’t think they will stay. I also have to move the letter “M” to the right a little. I thought little plastic black and white eyes would look cute where the “O”‘s are in Nook but did not have any to try. I will make another felted cover but I think I would put material as the inside fabric since the felted piece is a nice thickness.  I still have to figure out how I want to attach the Nook to the fabric. I have several ideas.

Felted Button

I knitted a piece of wool that was 2/8 Jaggerspun and felted it. Then I embroidered a little daisy on it and some french knots. But….There is a shade difference in the blacks so I can’t use it. If I felted the slipper wool it would be too thick for the button cover. Back to the drawing board 😦

Alternatives to ribbing on the Passap #1 & #2

I found some notes on rib alternatives that came with theE6000 when I bought it. This is the first one I tried. I don’t like it. You set up needles in 1×1 and do circular cast on.(N/N,CX/CX/N/N) Then change to black strippers and knit 2 rows N/N, and then knit 12 rows CX/CX. Repeat these two settings . It does not stretch much and the ends are finished which I would think would be a bear to sew up when finished with sweater.

This is the second rib I tried and I like it – a lot! It would be nice in cotton as a place mat, cuffs for a jacket,  would make a nice scarf since both sides look the same. I will try this with one strand of my Jaggerspun wool. The edges come out really nice and finished. The set up is the same. Cast on 1×1, N/N,2 rows CX/CX, and one row N/N. Switch to black strippers and Knit two rows N/N and two rows CX/CX. Repeat the pattern from regular to cx rows and this is the design you get. Both samples were done with st size 5 on both beds. I have about eight more to try and will post when I get them done.

Turtleneck Dickie on the Passap


This is another dickie that I made on the passap and I put a turtleneck on it. It looks purple but it is plum and matches the sweater pretty good. I increased my tension from four to 5.5 and it came out the dimensions that the pattern called for. It is two strands of 224.The sweater I made on my Brother years ago and it is my favorite wool Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/8

Passap Wool Vest with Knit-In-Trim

This is a Sylvia Jones sweater design with Knit in Trim. The center band and armholes are knitted on back bed while knitting  main stitches on the front bed. Once I changed the setting on my back bed as suggested by Pat Groves of the Yahoo group, I was successful. This is Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/8 Wool. The original pattern is a pullover but I don’t like pullover vests so I made into a cardigan. Also, because I made my sweater larger than pattern I could not do back neck trim like pattern said. I had to do 1×1 to pull the neck in and it looks fine.

The second  picture shows the close up of the bands and the machine knitted applique flowers that I put on so that it wasn’t so plain. I am sure you can knit the flowers on the passap but I cheated(uh oh!) and used my Brother machine because it was faster. I was able to finish the vest in one day and I did the flowers in an evening and took about an hour or two to sew them on.

Wool Scarf using Lace Design and U100

I made this wool scarf on the Passap using a lace design and the U100 transfer carriage. The yarn is Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/8 . I just let the edges gently roll instead of trying to steam straight because the design pulled in naturally at intervals. It was harder using wool because the yarn splits and I had to always check and make sure the whole stitch transferred. I will be trying another scarf with Perla since it has such nice drape and silky feeling. Left click on mouse on picture to make picture bigger