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Passap Tuck Lace Scarf using Jaggerspun Wool


I can not find a yarn that I want to try for this scarf. It is lost in my stash  somewhere. So I decided since I could not find it I would try this in Jaggerspun Main Line Wool 2/8 from Halcyon yarn.  The color is Sand. I love it. Though it is not sheer, it is soft, light weight and drapes nicely. The beauty of the pattern is that the sides are nice when you are finished. It looks like a scalloped edge. I lightly wet steamed this and could do more if I wanted it wider.  In my needle set up I had six groups of 3 needles on the front bed and five on the back bed. I moved my work over to the far right so that my left side was not too loose. My mast tension was 3 which is the lowest I have ever had it. This is so easy to do . If you forget to count six rows and can’t remember how many rows you just knitted, you can  just look at the row counter and divide by 6. The carriage is not hard to push since it is not using all the needles. I knitted 660 rows to get a scarf 68 inches long.

I love the way it is finished also. She has you knit two rows of N/N and then take off on waste yarn. Then you pick up the stitches with a knitting needle and you cast off. But in the cast off she has you wrap between the knit stitches before casting off .  On the purl, I just knitted the purl stitch and cast off without wrapping

Again, here is the free pattern to try this.—scarf

Wool Fingerless Gloves on the Passap E 6000


My friend Sheila hand knitted a pair of fingerless gloves in Fisherman’s wool and she let me try them on. They felt like heaven. The thumb was so comfortable I told her I had to try it on the machine. The only difference is that I have a seam in my ribbing and she doesn’t. I used Maine Line Jaggerspun wool 2/8 in a peacock  color.  The pattern knits circular and on one side you start increasing for the thumb for about two inches. You then take the thumb off on waste yarn and continue knitting circular to the length you want to the fingertips.  When you finish you will rehang the thumb stitches for circular knitting and knit about 7 more rows and bind off. On my glove I crocheted the edge with two rows and the third row is a shell. If you would like to try these, I have the directions and pictures in my  dropbox. I hope I have written the instructions clearly.  Click on this link.

You will have to probably make adjustments if you use a different yarn . The glove measures 8 and a half inches from rib to fingers. The ribbing is three inches. There is one and a half inches before starting the thumb. The length of the thumb opening is about 2 and 1/4 inches. After the thumb opening, it measures about one and 3/4 inches.  I was getting about 6 and a half stitches to the inch and about 8.8 rows to the inch.

This is the first pattern that I tried to convert that  does not just leave an opening  for the thumb and then knit in a circle. The increases make it feel tailored to your thumb. No pulling when you move your hand. I am going to try the one she had and do it on the Bulky now. When I post that I will reveal the pattern and the author. It is done in rib so mine will have a seam up the side whereas my friends does not. It just might make me do some hand knitting if I don’t like how they come out on the machine since I liked them so much. 🙂 Or, DUH, I could ask her to knit me a pair!!!!! That’s what friends are for isn’t it?