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Halloween Treat Bags


Version 2

I am going to be seeing some friends of mine and decided to make these little treat bags. They are just the right size . They each hold ten pieces of candy and one sucker.

Since I started the bags at the  top edge, the design is knit upside down. There is a green stem on top of each pumpkin but hard to see. When I knitted, the first two rows were black and green and then the rest are black and orange . The pumpkins looked distorted but that is because candy is in the bag.

I made these on the passap but you can do them on any machine. Here are the instructions in my drop box.

Passap Halloween Placemats



Halloween is just around the corner so I decided to make some placemats. The pumpkin placemat will have my candy bowl on it for the trick or treaters along with the little witch lady I machine knitted using the Brother machine.
I made the witch placemat first and it really needs more color in it. I am happy with the pumpkin one though.
It took me FORRREVVVVVVER to get the distortion out of my designs. You are welcome to use these for your personal use but not to sell them as your pattern. I have written out the instructions on how to make these. They are around 10.5 inches high by 14 inches in width . I used 2/24 yarn and technique 183. On the directions for the pumpkin placemat I walk you through the whole process of downloading to knitting. I always do my cast on before I turn the console on. On the witch placemat it just gives the directions for the placemat. Both are the same but one has all the details.These patterns are odd numbers in width so you must center the design by programming 1- (minus) in the set up.
The information and both files are in my drop box link below.

Knitted Witch on the Brother 940

I'll Get You My Pretty!

I’ll Get You My Pretty!

I was in a bad mood yesterday and don’t know why. I locked my knitting room door at five and did not come out until 10 pm to walk the dog. This is what I came out with!

I knitted this witch a couple of years ago but did it a little differently from the pattern. I followed the small size but I made the dress arms first and attached on the 82nd row of knitting the dress. I also decreased the sleeves so they were not so bulky at the shoulder. On the body I just started with the neck and followed the tension and pattern for the small size.I also knitted the hat but on this one I used the hat it came with.  Years ago I bought several of the witch heads with hands for 2.99 at Pat Catan’s. I can’t believe I used the Brother without my color changer. My next one will be on the passap.

This pattern is from Machine Knitters Source 2001 September, October issue.

It is funny because in article is says www. I believe it might have been a hand knitting pattern converted to machine by the woman who is given credit in the magazine. Also, the larger one is done with Red Heart and can be done on the Bulky machine. If you don’t have an electronic machine you can just hand pull the stitches for the pumpkins since they are only ten rows. I included a picture of the witch in the magazine and you can knit the head and nose if you want to. I didn’t!

Total length is about 16 inches to the top of her head. I wish she had a mean looking face though.  I thought I would see if she sells in my Etsy store.