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Passap Machine Mug Rugs


Today was a rainy nasty day and I was feeling lazy. I wanted to knit but did not want to really concentrate. So I knitted some mug rugs . The colors are the football colors for the Browns on three of them. One is Navy and bright red and the lower left small one is hunter green and cranberry.

I have one by my computer where I have my coffee in the morning. I use large mugs for my coffee so I like the larger ones. However, I changed the tension by two dots and that is how I made the smaller one. If I was going to make a lot of these in one day I would put the design in win/crea. However, this is a great lesson for beginners on how to isolate a pattern. The instructions are in the E 6000 Shortcut Manual by Patricia Wetzel under How to make use of “ADD” on page 6. She walks you through every step while entering the pattern on the computer.

Here is how I made mine. I cast on 35 stitches . Both end needles are on the front bed. I used needles 42 right and 76 right. I centered the pattern on needle 58.  I knitted 3 rows(actually 12) or 2 rows(actually 8) between the words mug and rug. I used two strands of 2/24 for each color.

The first row cast on at 1../1.., CX rows 2../2.. and the last N/N row at 3../3.. if you want the smaller one (5″ by 5″) The larger one is 5″ by 6.25 ” and knitted at tension 4 on both beds.

You have to enter the letters you want from the pattern book for passap. You will be programming in three letters next to each other. At this point you follow page 6 or use your passap manual . (or download a design of your own that fits inside of 35 stitches and  29 to 30 rows(29 times 4 rows =116 total knitted rows) . The letters in the passap manual are 12 rows high and that comes to 48 rows of knitting. Now I have to check my manual and see if you can program these letters smaller. Does anyone know?

While you are knitting the plain rows, continue using the two colors so that your stripes are continuous on the back of the mug rug. When the design is finished I knit one row(actually 4 rows of knitting). COR knit CX/CX rows at 2.., COR and knit one row N/N tension 6.  Then I take the carriage back to the right using G/X on both beds. I change the settings back to C/X on both beds and take off on waste yarn. Then I crochet one stitch through the next to the end.

I also have made Beer Mug rugs  and that would be cute in the football colors . I have also done one with a coffe mug in the middle.You be the creator for the design .

The bottom picture is the back of the rug.


Felted Christmas Bell with Cardinal

DSC00100I found this pattern on the internet called Knitted Christmas Bells By Jane Lake. It was a hand knitting pattern so I looked at it and it was so simple to do on the machine. It is just 15 stitches and 28 rows-no increases or decreases. I cast on the 15 stitches and you knit one row. Then on the next row you purl the first five stitches and knit the rest. So I transferred five stitches on the end to the ribber and knit one row. Then I transferred up to the main bed and knit a row. You continue those two rows for the pattern. If you want it longer, you add stitches to cast on. When you finish 28 rows you bind off and sew up seam and gather the end opposite the purl stitches. I just used a larger tension because I wanted to see what would happen when I felted it. It came out two inches high and two inches wide at the bottom of the bell. If you want the instructions, you can email me or google them.I did not save the link.  When I make this again I am going to cast on with waste and ravel and take off on waste and kitchener stitch the stitches together so I don’t have a seam even though you can hardly see it on this bell. I just did an “I” cord . It could use a little red bow. I just had fun doing a needle felting design on it. Just for the heck of it I am going to put it in my Etsy store.

Felted Black and Gray Purse with Mirror Image Tree

  • I wanted to try my Intarsia carriage on the Bulky Brother so I made this black and gray purse. I needle felted the tree in the opposite color as the background color. I used four metal grommets to hang the purse handle. The purse handle is 24 inches long and nice for an over the shoulder purse. I used a metal closure in silver. The bottom is slightly wider than the top. When I started the bottom I did half in black and gray and the other half in gray and black since the bottom becomes the front and back. However I did not allow for this on the top. I meant to fold down the tops for the closure but then the squares would not be the same. That is why I made grommets and used a handle. I knitted a seperate piece of felted fabric for the back of the clasp so it does not show on the outside.DSC00087 The tree roots look like Bullwinkle’s horns. LOL!!!
  • It is for sale in my Etsy store. I made this over a week ago but have been so busy selling and running to the post office. Will be glad when the holidays are over. 🙂DSC00082

More Felted Jelly Holders


I swear I am employed by this woman that keeps buying these wine and jelly covers from me. lol!  It is a good thing though. This pattern is half of the size of the wine bottle covers. This is 49 stitches wide . I knit a picot edge and then knitted 20 rows. I transferred half of the stitches to the ribber and knit circular for 40 rows(80 circular) Tension dial was 8..

Felted Slippers with a Butterfly

DSC00049And here is another pair of felted slippers for my store. lol   And yes, there are pink butterflies!

Felted Fingerless Gloves in Two Hours

DSC00046I knitted these fingerless gloves in less than two hours. I knitted the rib. Then  I placed half of the stitches on the ribber and knit circular. Since I knit circular, I could not go into ribbing so I took the glove off of the machine on waste yarn. Then I knitted the ribbing and took it off on waste yarn also. Then I used the kitchener stitch to attach the band to the glove and the thumb. The yarn is Cascade 220. I lightly felted the gloves and needle felted the dots on them. I love the feel and fit of these gloves.It is true that felting takes the scratchiness out of wool.

Felted Purse with Bird in Tree

This is the same purse pattern that I made with the owl in the tree design on it. I bought this design from the Dreamstime site so that I can sell the item.  I needle felted the tree and the bird . I knitted the leaves seperately and then lightly felted them and sewed them on. I did a two cord handle but have to add a third cord and braid or do a wide handle. Not sure which yet. There is a magnetic snap to hold the tops together. When I knitted  this purse (and several of the others), I mark where the top is, bind off a couple of stitches for the sides and then I do 20 rows more to lay as a flap inside. I attach the magenetic snap to that flap and it does not show from the outside.  This is for my Etsy store.

Fingerless Gloves

I was supposed to be knitting on the passap but made a tension swatch and decided I did not like it. Meanwhile, I found this hand knitting pattern on Knitting Paradise for free. It is called Two Hour Fingerless Gloves by Onix Terevinto. I still don’t get it about fingerless gloves because it is my fingers that get cold! lol  In the pattern she knits on straight needles and tells you that you can do circular also. It is so easy to convert to machine. Not easy to do on machine! lol  It took about an hour and a half on the machine for both gloves. If you don’t have a garter bar, don’t bother trying. When I finished and sewed them up I did not like the fit or how they looked. I used TD 2 for a 2 by 1 rib and TD3. for the body of the glove. I decided if I made them again to go to TD3 but instead I would not do the 4 stitch increase on the first row. So I got to thinking that they were plain and I don’t like to do duplicate stitch. I decided to lightly felt them and do a needle felt design. OMG! They fit good and feel good.  Of course I was checking on them every two minutes to make sure they did not over felt. So I am happy with them and got to thinking that if I had knitted these in the round it would have been a breeze to do the thumb without moving all the stitches on either side.  DUH, so I will try again doing circular and I bet I can beat the two hour time to make them by hand. The second picture is the glove on my hand. It was hard to take a picture and hold the camera with my left hand. When I put them in my shop I will have hubby take picture.


Felted Mouse Ornament-Second Try

This is my second try at a felted mouse only this time I made the female. I knitted her and felted her and then went and read the directions for the hat. It said to make the hat and attach ears to hat. Uh oh. I already made the mouse  , attached the ears AND felted it. I hand knit the hat and on a knit row I cast off five stitches , knitted 3 stitches and cast off five stitches. On the return row I cast on where I cast off the five stitches on the previous row and continued until the end. You can see the picture before felting. It came out perfect after felting and it went over the ears nicely. Not bad for a big guess.  I stuffed this mouse with quilt batting and it came out smaller which is what I wanted. She is 3.5 inches tall and will be used as an ornament. I still have to buy beads for the eyes.

Now I have to go back to the passap machine before I forget how to knit on it. lol

Felted Mouse Ornament





What is not to love about this mouse? He is a free download on Ravelry at Barbara Primes’s Fuzzy Mitten. It is called the Housemice pattern.   You have to look at her picture of the pattern before you read my critique of my little guy.  He is a hand knit pattern that I converted to machine. Well….all except the hat. I had to hand knit using DP needles.  I made the mouse and hat  with Patons wool on the Bulky Brother and then I felted it. I used scraps of the wool yarn to use as stuffing as it would shrink also. Now I know you are laughing thinking that there is something funny about mine. Well, here is my critique. Mind you, this was my first try. I would needle felt the nose instead of using yarn before felting. His schnozz is too big. lol His mouth also looks like a mustach! Need to work on that. I also did not take the time to look up how to do bobbles on the machine and I just marked stitches where they were to go. I would do them the next time while knitting the body like the instructions said. Okay….his tail is too thick. His scarf would look better in a piece of red felt and his eyes would look better with beads. I needle felted a red heart on his chest. I absolutely love the little red beret!  I can’t wait to do the little female. You must visit her site. I can’t believe how many adorable knitted patterns she has . I would have definitely bought the mouse pattern but it is a free download.

Oh, one more reason I felted this mouse  is that I hand knit but felting hides the areas where my tension might be too tight or too loose. I am going to make this little guy into an ornament.

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