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Felted Purse with Heart Braid


The first thing I thought of when I made the sample of the heart braid by Pat Wetzel was that it would make a strong¬†strap on a purse. Here is what I came up with. Let me tell you that I should sell this as a bowling bag because this strap will never break! My husband said that the bag looked like a duffel bag from WWII before it was felted. ūüė¶

I made the braid handle on 11 stitches and the braid around the flap on 5 stitches. I attached the handles to the bag before felting and I sewed the bottoms(where they attach to the purse)¬†together so the strap would stay in the right direction.¬†I attached the braid around the flap before felting also.¬† The colors are heather brown and oatmeal. I don’t know that I will add any needle felting since it may be too much design. And….now the trim does not look like a heart! The bottom picture is before the felting.


Felted Purse with Fish Scale Design



Here is a purse that I knitted and felted . Yesterday I knitted the purse. I only had this color wool and did not feel like going to the store. It looked plain and it looked like the flap was going to be too small so I played around with the brown wool. I ended up not letting the scales roll when they felted since they would roll up and I wanted it to have the scales going down. I stuffed each scale with some saran wrap so they would not lay flat and give the purse a little dimension.  The purse itself is 51 stitches wide and I added 6 stitches to each side for the sides. I knitted 70 rows and decreased one stitch on each side 7 stitches in every ten rows .I made a front and a back  but on the back piece, before I started the flap, I cast off 4 stitches on each side so there wouild be room for a grommet for the strap . When I got to the point of the flap I  decreased down to two stitches and then I increased out for about 12 rows so that there is a backing at the point to put a metal closure in without it showing on the front. I decided on a  brown leather . This purse measures 11 inches wide and 8 and 1/2 inches tall. It took the longest time to crochet around the scales and I would definitely not take an order for this one!It is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Felted Black and Gray Purse with Mirror Image Tree

  • I wanted to try my Intarsia carriage on the Bulky Brother so I made this black and gray purse. I needle felted the tree in the opposite color as the background color. I used four metal grommets to hang the purse handle. The purse handle is 24 inches long and nice for an over the shoulder purse. I used a metal closure in silver. The bottom is slightly wider than the top. When I started the bottom I did half in black and gray and the other half in gray and black since the bottom becomes the front and back. However I did not allow for this on the top. I meant to fold down the tops for the closure but then the squares would not be the same. That is why I made grommets and used a handle. I knitted a seperate piece of felted fabric for the back of the clasp so it does not show on the outside.DSC00087 The tree roots look like Bullwinkle’s horns. LOL!!!
  • It is for sale in my Etsy store. I made this over a week ago but have been so busy selling and running to the post office. Will be glad when the holidays are over. ūüôāDSC00082

Felted Purse with Bird in Tree

This is the same purse pattern that I made with the owl in the tree design on it. I bought this design from the Dreamstime site so that I can sell the item.  I needle felted the tree and the bird . I knitted the leaves seperately and then lightly felted them and sewed them on. I did a two cord handle but have to add a third cord and braid or do a wide handle. Not sure which yet. There is a magnetic snap to hold the tops together. When I knitted  this purse (and several of the others), I mark where the top is, bind off a couple of stitches for the sides and then I do 20 rows more to lay as a flap inside. I attach the magenetic snap to that flap and it does not show from the outside.  This is for my Etsy store.

Felted Purse with Felted Flower and Silver Handle

I know you are getting tired of seeing felted purses but I am trying to stock my Etsy store. I promise in January to start knitting other items. I made the same black purse here on the Brother Bulky. I needle felted a flower design with raised petals and attached a metal handle to silver grommets on the sides and a metal latch for closing( which is a son of a gun to put in!)

Felted Purse With Flowers

I bought this handle and wanted to use it on this heather brown purse that I knitted and felted. I was going to use white in a design to tie the handle color in. However, this is the design I came up with and I don’t know that the handle works with it. In the second picture, I knitted three “I” cords and then felted and braided¬†. I have not connected either handle yet. I may come up with something else but I am leaning towards the braided one. The I cord handle would have two gold rings connecting the main part of the handle. When I knitted the purse, I knitted two tabs so that I could decide on a handle after embellishing.

Felted Purse with Botanical Needle Felting and a Metal Handle

I knitted and felted this purse using the same pattern as the one in the last posting. However, while the purse was felting my husband called me and needed me to do something. When I went to check the felting it had gone much further and it resulted in a smaller purse that I think is kind of cute. I needle felted a botanical design. I put metal grommets in purse at each end between the front and back and added a metal handle. I also purchased a purse latch for closure. The next picture shows the handle better. This will be for sale in my Etsy Store.

Felted Purse with Metal Handle and Knitted Flowers

My friend Linda from Craft Gossip gave me a purse she knitted and felted with this handle on it.(Noni pattern) The problem was that when you opened the purse and then closed it, the metal sides ended up on the outside of the purse. I took the measurements of her purse, added an extra inch at the sides and figured out the stitch and row gauge for my pattern. As you can see from her pattern, the shape has changed at the top but not drastically.  I have not put the handle in permanently yet and it is a good thing. I want it where the ball clasp is on the right side for balance. I have to correct the smallest flower. By the way, I did crochet the filet lace table runner that this is on. It took me 7 years of working on it only on vacation in the fall and some at home. When I got close to the end, it motivated me to finish it. It is 41 inches long by 28 inches in width. I made a matching one for my smaller table that is 18 by 25.


I love Linda’s choice of colors. Unfortunately, I did not have that color. She crocheted her three flowers and I knitted mine. Information on the knitted flowers are in one of my previous posts. (October of 2011)

Felted Purse with Owl and the Moon

I knitted and felted this purse differently than the others. It was an idea that I got from my friend  Linda on Craft Gossip. She does not know about the idea. Hee hee. She had knitted a purse according to a pattern and I liked the way the top was done so I used it on this one. I did not want a flap to interfere with the needlefelting.Here is how I made it. I knitted 20 rows for the bottom on 60 stitches. I added 12 stitches on each side for the sides. Usually I just knit straight up but I wanted the purse to curve in slightly so I decreased every 20 rows on end stitch and needle 31  on each side.(total of 4 stitches to decrease) I knitted 82 rows,  I bound off 4 stitches on each side which were the stitches left from the 12 stitches added on( and after the decreases) and knitted 20 more rows on the remaining 60 stitches and bound off . I rehung the bottom and knitted 82 rows without decreases and placed a marker and knit 20 more rows and bound off these stitches. I turned the flaps at the opening to the inside and tacked them down and felted the purse. At the top on the sides between the front and the back where there were four stitches I placed a gold grommet for the handle.  I knitted circular for the handle. I knitted 15 circular rows, I took the stitches off on waste yarn and put through the purse grommet and  hung the beginning on the same needles and knit 85 circular rows, placed a marker, knitted 15 circular rows , took them off on waste yarn and put the tube through the grommet  and hung the last stitches on the row with the marker and bound off. Now I have to buy magnetic clasps and they can be placed on the inside flaps that I knitted extra without showing on the outside. I am also going to place a very slim dowel rod under each flap so that the purse stays straight at the top.  I am now working on a little makeup bag with a button to match and will post next.

Hope I have not been too confusing with my instructions. The color is a Heather Brown. The design I bought from Dreamstime Web Site.

Felted Craft Tote/Purse “Fiesta” & “Lemons& Limes”

I promise that these are the last of the same bag to be posted. lol I call the finished one Fiesta and the other one Lemons and Limes. I am going to put plain black cords on the Lemons and Limes. Again I used the stripe generator on the website Biscuits and Jam . The link to that site is in the Cat in the Hat blog. These will be for sale in my Etsy store.

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