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My Door Mouse….. Rat?

My Door Mouse.....Rat?

My Door Mouse…..Rat?


My husband said this is not a door mouse but a door rat!

This pattern is from a Machine Knitting News Supplement. It is knitted and not felted in the supplement. I did not like the seam down the front of him and I love felting so I decided to see what would happen if I felted him. I just used a size 8 tension. I attached everything before felting including his little vest. As you can see, my vest does not look like the pattern.

felted mouse picture001

Everything was going well until I started to knit the vest. It did not make sense but I knitted it and it was wrong. So I did it how I thought it should be and ended up with the correct amount of rows and stitches.  100% of the time I think I am wrong but I don’t thinks so in this case. Anyway, I like how the little vest turned out. I crocheted around the vest and then I sewed the middle up the front. It did not felt small enough so I cut it up the middle and sewed a button on.

There are two reasons, well, three as to why I made this. The first is that I have a folder of things I want to try to knit and this was on the top. Second, I wanted to see how he would look felted. But the third and real reason is that my passap frustrated me so I started cleaning my knitting room and felt I needed to complete something that I coud get right! lol

So…………….now I will go back to the passap and try another technique.