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Felted Slippers using Diana Sullivan’s pattern


If you are going to try felting Diana Sullivan’s sew as you go lined slippers, here are some more suggestions. This is a woman’s medium size. I added four more stitches , two on each side to allow for more felting without getting too narrow. I will add 6 stitches when I do them again. I used tensions 7 and 8, 8 for the outer layer. I was not sure if I had enough cream color to do the whole lining so I just used it when I did the toe shaping. If you make these I would also tell you to stitch the seam closed with a piece of matching yarn so you don’t get lines. I used the seam to needle  felt the stems so they matched. The wool I used was Paton’s.  The roving is a blend of yellow, orange and green giving the petals a different shade from each other. I can’t tell you how light and good these feel on your feet. I think they feel lighter because you don’t feel side seams.  They will be for sale in my Etsy shop and will have rubber circles on the bottom where the ball of the foot and the heel of the toe are so they don’t wear out. In fact, I put the rubber circles on the bottom of the ones I made in brown with the poppy  and you don’t even feel that they are there. These slippers take about 6 ounces of yarn.

Felted Clog Slippers with a Needle Felted Poppy

poppy felted clogs



My ADHD is taking me all over with my different crafts. I had these slippers made quite awhile ago but I needed a product called Very Velvet for the black stamens in the flower. It was priced at 3.25 to 3.75 for about five yards I think but the shipping was $7.00!!!!!!!

I don’t mind paying for some things but when the shipping is more than the product, that is ridiculous. You can mail items  under 13 ounces for pennies. So these sat and then I got an idea while in JoAnn Fabric store. You will see what I used in the picture below. Didn’t cost me anything since I had some left over in my house. Took less than a half yard! I wrapped it around the green middle and needle felted it in. Then I picked the little hairs to stand up and then trimmed short. Works for me!!!





Felted Clog Slippers with a Sunflower


I am trying to fill my Etsy store for the Holidays so I made a pair of the felted slippers again. I needle felted the sunflower on the left foot and then I was just going to put a leaf on the other foot and it looked funny. So I just made another smaller one to distinguish the left foot from the right one. I needle felted this design a long time ago on a purse. I paid for the design from Dreamstime web site.

Felted Slippers for my Niece

My niece loves my slipper socks so I told her she would love these more. I finished them up and have to put the spray on the bottom so she does not slip. The colors are cranberry heather and pink.  I knitted them in cranberry at the start until the middle of short rowing on the heel. Then I changed to pink. This helps to sew the items up and adds the second color to match the flower. And best of all , it stretches the main color so you don’t run out. These are made from Paton’s wool


Felted Slippers with a Butterfly

DSC00049And here is another pair of felted slippers for my store. lol   And yes, there are pink butterflies!

An Expensive Lesson Learned

I made the blue slipper from Cascade 220 yarn and the brown one with Lions Brand wool. The brown one is the double layered slipper sewn like Judi Meissner does on her felted hats. The blue one is the slipper knitted with two strands of yarn and sewn up using the mattress stitch. I think the reason I ended up with a seam showing is because of two things that I did and will never do again. First of all, the blue slipper does not come out much bigger than the size you need and therefore, not much felting has to happen to get the size. And number two is that I did not sew seam up the way Judi Meissner does in her felted hats. (go through knot on one seam and bar on the other. ) I used the mattress stitch . I do not like the seams showing so I kept on felting and the only thing that happened was that they got smaller and tighter and the seam still showed.  I threw away ten dollars so I won’t forget and let this happen again. lol

Felted Clog with single thickness cuff.









This is the second time I made the double stranded clog slippers by KrisKrafter. In the picture of the pair of slippers , I made the size large and I knit two strands of yarn for the whole slipper including the cuffs(or hem). I don’ t like the way you see the line and the cuffs did not felt real tight because of it.In the picture of the new slipper on the shoe stretcher I made the Medium size slipper and used two strands of yarn throughout the whole slipper …EXCEPT… I only used one strand of yarn to do the cuffs. I think it felted better giving it more shape around the ankle and you don’t see a line as much as the other ones. It took about fifteen minutes to felt in my washing machine. This slipper also uses a couple of ounces less of yarn per pair and it takes less time to sew them up.



Felted Clogs on the Brother with Needle Felting

I tried a new clog pattern by KrisKrafter using two strands of wool. I did the hung hem at the beginning and end. The only thing I did not care for is the thickness of the hem which is the cuff. So………I am going to make another pair and only use a single strand on the cuff. These were much easier to do and less sewing up of seams.(don’t like to sew the seams on sewing machine.) This pair happened to fit a co worker so I told her I would put a design on for her. In fact, I like these colors better than the ones on the pair in my etsy store.

Can you find the Bird?

If you can find a bird, these slippers are definitely yours! LOL

I knitted and felted another pair of clogs. These are also autumn leaves but were not as time consuming. Again, the acorn is on the right foot which is the slipper on the left. These slippers are a size 8 and they will be in my Etsy store.

Can You Find The Acorn In The Picture?

If you can find the acorn in the picture, these felted clogs are yours. Ha, Ha, Just kidding!! Boy am I mean!

I put the acorn on the right foot so that when you put them on, you will always put them on the right foot. Most people have  a slight difference in the left and right foot. These are made with Lion Brand Natural Yarn(more on the brown side of color) I needlefelted the design and it took FOREVER!!! It was hard trying to get the same size of leaf for the second foot but I managed to get close. They will be for sale in my Etsy store and I will not take orders. lol

The pattern for these slippers are in a previous posted blog.

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