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Fan Lace on the knitting machine by Cheryl Sterling


I think I found Cheryl Sterlings fan lace link to her you tube video on Knitting Paradise. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it. She is one smart woman. I watched all five videos while away from home. Then last night I had to try it before going to bed. This swatch took about 45 minutes to do after I knitted the first row along with the video. She explains first how it is knitted and that really helps. Then the following videos she knits it slow enough that you can knit along.I opened my nook and had it next to my machine. It is very easy since she did the hard work of figuring it out. I used my Brother 940 and a yarn I think was called Kitty. I lightly steamed it afterwards. I want to try this in my Jaggerspun wool yarn or a yarn that is a little thicker.  I would not recommend using the passap. You could use your Bulky though . The sample is turned sideways in the picture. The next picture is the back of the sample. You also can visit her blog site and see the scarf finished and some other lovely things she has made.

Her link to the videos is below. I encourage you to try it. The way you move down the row to knit reminds me of how I do my buttonhole bands. 🙂