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Modified E Wrap Cast On

ModifiedEwrap6 copy

I am currently working on an Heirloom Baby Set by designer Nell Abshire, the Afghan Queens. In the pattern she suggests Estillo yarn which is a thin dress yarn. She tells how to do the modified e wrap cast on using two threads of yarn for the cast on. I am sure I have seen this before but thought I would share it with others that might not have seen it. This can be done on any machine. I like the finished edge and it gives body to the jacket edge. I think this would be a great cast on for the beginning of a lace scarf or any scarf for that matter that uses a thin yarn. It makes the edge stronger for tassles too if you use them on a scarf.  If you use this on a scarf and want both ends the same, start the scarf and knit to the middle and take off on waste yarn. Then knit the second half and do the same. Then Kitchener stitch the pieces together.

Here are the directions and pictures if you would like to try it.

Passap Lace Scarf using racking

This is a scarf pattern that I found for free from a yarn shop in Canada. The picture on the left is the scarf as it comes off of the machine. It is nice if you like narrow scarves. The picture on the right is the scarf stretched and pressed showing the lace design. The yarn is Estillo by Tamm. The pattern called for over 70 stitches but I used 40 just to try it out. The author is Pat Holbrook. If you do the proper needle set up, the racking is easy. It is 24 rows racking from middle to right to left and back to middle position. If you MUST leave the machine, just leave with the lock on the left side. When you come back, you will knit to the right and racking handle tells you which direction you are moving. Left click on picture to make larger to see detail.I am glad that I tried this because I tend to stay away from racking because of losing my place. I enjoyed the challenge. Estillo was one of the yarns suggested and it is very light, drapey, and airy. It feels very soft around the neck.

Passap Pleated Baby Dress

This is a pattern called Gift Collection 1 Short Cut Shapings by Paula Behrens & Jean Acree c1988.In this pattern you get diagrams and numbers and a cassette tape. Thank goodness for Stop and Rewind on the tape deck!! Well, I could not do it without the tape  but when it came time to join the yoke I did not understand what they were saying! I know how the outcome was but I would love to see a tape of the procedure.  The first picture shows the separate pieces taking them off with waste yarn. It did not make sense to me since they said to bind them off first and then knit 2 rows of same color and then waste yarn. While joining, the waste yarn got in the way and there was never mention of removing it. I will make this again but will change it a lot. The sandwhich is how it is joined but the cast off edge is on the side that shows-don’t like it. I will take the yoke off on waste yarn,reverse and hang it so the front looks better. The appliques are not spaced evenly because I have not sewn them on yet. Had to get the sun while it was out! The yarn is estillo.