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Passap Ribbing 1×1 using CX/CX




It is a nice beautiful snowy day and hubby and the dog are resting up for the Bucks and Ducks game. So I had a chance to go to my woman cave and look through some articles I have in a folder. The article is by Sylvia Jones called Pursuing Passap Possibilities. And…..OMG!!!! I wish I had this passap years ago. I never liked 1×1 ribbing on any of my sweaters. I switched to 2×1 over the  years.  Well now I can go back to it.

Here is what you do: You cast on tubular. We all know how to do that. 1 rowN/N,2 rows CX/CX, 1 row  N/N.

At ribbing tension you will knit two rows of N/N. Then the next two rows are CX/CX. Repeat those two steps and you will be amazed at the outcome. It gives stretch and body to the ribbing. It has a unique look like a waffle.  It actually pulls in to make it more firm but not stiff. I started with a sample of white yarn and left it on the comb to show the waffle look. You can see the lines across the fabric that are the CX/CX rows. So then I decided to do one in two colors and the second color would be the CX rows to show you better. Well now, look at that nice two colored stipe fabric with nice edges and no loops at the edge where the second color changes . And the fabric is the same on both sides . This would work well as a scarf but I would go much looser on the tension. I used tension 5. This would also be great for people that make socks on the passap with a 1×1 rib.

If you use a lot of 1×1 in your garments I strongly encourage you to give this a try. And if you don’t , give it a try anyway and you may like it. I know I do.

This can be done on the Brother machine using the part buttons and I imagine it can be done on others as well.