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My Passap is Screaming!




My passap is screaming to be used after sitting for so long. Hubby is home from the hospital for the fifth time and doing better now.

I wanted to knit something quick to make sure I did not forget how to do things. With my brain under stress for so long it feels burnt out. lol

I took the tea cup from a hand knitting design that was on a pillow. I made a large one for myself since I have a large coffee mug. That is the first picture. It is 5 & 1/2 by 8 inches.  The smaller one is 5 & 1/8 by 6 & 1/2

I provided the pattern for the smaller one  in case someone wants to try one. You can change your colors to anything you want. I used taupe, tan and black.  The yarn I used was 2 strands of 2/24