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Wool Knitted Short Jacket on Brother Bulky



I started this jacket a couple of weeks back. It was supposed to be a vest at first. It did not look good as a vest (on me that is)so I let it sit unfinished and thought it would go in the scrap pile. Then I decided to put sleeves on it. The idea behind this  project was to try Diane Sullivan’s no roll edge for the front band and to put a zipper in the way that I posted on my blog in October 17, 2014.

So….now that it is finished,  it is good for walking the dog. lol

I used Lyon Brand wool Natural. I used tension 4. The cuffs and bottom band start out every other needle . The zipper is cream even though it looks white. I wanted the jacket this length but it should be about an inch longer.  I  think the downfall on the zipper was the non roll edge. I was afraid to put the edge over the zipper in case it got caught in the yarn. The funny thing is how the neck turned out. It is the same Diane Sullivan’s no roll edge pattern done horizontally and more rows. I was really surprised it did not match the front when I finished with it. I liked it though and went ahead and attached it using the sandwich method(Not cut and sew). I figured if I wore it open, I did not want a seam showing. I think it is plain but don’t know that embellishing would help. ?

It fits and the arms look long but I have long arms and it is perfect length. At least I finished it and don’t have a guilty feeling hanging over me that it was scrapped.DSCF0290

Another Angel Knitted on the Passap

Angel with a Star

Angel with a Star

Yep, found another cone! lol  If anyone decides to make one of these I would recommend the cones that have a real small opening at the top. It is easier to glue the head on . This is from the same Sandy Ewing pattern that is free on her site.

I made this angel with a 3/15 red yarn that is the same as the other one I made. I decided to try a scallop trim along the bottom of the dress( like the wings) but it was too hard to add to the dress while on the machine. So I hand sewed each stitch to the dress around the angel. Of course I made the trim first. I made a scalloped gold trim for around the neck looking more like a little shawl instead of a turtleneck. I started the angels wings with the same gold yarn. This time I  made two arms and little white mittens from the same yarn that I used for the wings so she could hold the star.  The star stem matches the halo. This little angel also has a different face than the other one. She had the same yellow hair but I gave her a trim and then   gave her a new color “do”. lol

The Vest That Took Me Forever

DSCF2815 copyDSCF2812a copyI started this vest over a month ago. I saw this sweater on my neighbor and told her I thought it was so cute. She gave it to me and I took pictures up close and the measurements of it once I tried it on. The shoulders were too wide so I had to do a set in armhole. I finished the fronts and  back. I thought the armholes looked too large for a crocheted edge so  I put a ribbed band on . Then I let it sit and when I went to do the other arm band, I had not written tension and stitches. Had to do an armband two times. Then, because I sewed the side seam up I had to attach the second band in two sections.

I did not like the way the front edges were curling and hanging so I did a 2 by 1 rib and took it off. Then I did my favorite button band and it looked too formal.  I decided to try a single crochet and then a backward single crochet (crab stitch) that I have never done in all of the years I have crocheted.  I like it and it did pull the edges up so they were not longer than the rest of the sweater. So, now I try it on and I don’t like the armbands with the rib. They felt too tight and they were off the edge of my shoulder so….. I took off the arm bands and did the single crochet and the crab stitch and I like the outcome. On my neighbors sweater there are two buttons at the bottom and the button holes are done on a machine. I may do that since the buttonholes were in between the ribs. Then again, I might not do any.  I also made a button called the Star Knot, sort of like the monkey fist button but easier. I used cotton braiding cord.  That is in the last picture. If I use buttons, these are what I will use.

The second picture shows the vest with the arm bands. The third picture is my neighbor’s sweater with the front edges  straight up because I was measuring. I figured my stitch and row gauge and then went to DAK and printed out the picture so I could follow it at the machine.



Intarsia Squares Felted Purse




I found this intarsia design in a magazine for hand knitters called Creative Knitting March 2005 issue. I just started the design with out planning what the purse would be like. Big mistake. I think it was more work for me that way. I started with the smaller block without black around it . I started on waste yarn and used 45 stitches. There are ten stitches for each color and one stitch of black between them.  I did four rows of blocks and each color block was 12 rows with two rows of black between them. I knitted ten rows of black at the top to fold over for a magnetic closure. I wanted a bottom on it so I rehung the stitches I started with on waste yarn . I knitted 18 rows for the bottom but I also cast on 12 stitches on each side for the sides. Mistake! Should have added those stitches when I started the back and not on the bottom. I have a triangular fold on the inside to make the bottom square. No big deal though since it came out okay. I did not want to do the back in intarsia but the stitch gauge would have been way off. I was up to the third row of blocks and I forgot to knit the two rows of black between the rows of blocks!!!!    Rip out time ! It was good that I ripped out because that is when I was thinking of what to do for a handle. I knitted using fairisle technique and changed colors every twelve rows. I decreased from the sides up so that the handle would not be wide. Total number of stitches for the band at the thinnest part of it was 6 for the  top colors and  8 on the bottom ( two stitches for seaming) in the black.  I felted a cord and put it under the flap and through the purse to gather a little to pull the opening in. I then tied the two pieces into a bow that I will sew so it stays straight. I also am putting a magnetic closure in. On the bottom I have four little silver ball “feet”. Since I am using  plastic canvas on the bottom to keep it square, I may line it also. It will be for sale in my Etsy store soon.

The colors in the Intarsia are light gray, dark gray, cream and natural.

Passap Knitted Rose by Ricki Mundstock, Knitted Cala Lily



This Rose was knitted on the Passap and you can knit it on any machine. It is a pattern by Ricki Mundstock. You can find the directions at this link.


I used two strands of 2/24 . I think it would look nice on a headband, purse or as a pinned flower on a sweater .

The Cala Lilly is from another book and I can’t put my hands on the book to tell you who wrote the pattern. Still not organized! lol I believe there was a mistake in the directions for the top of the lily. I did not knit a stem but it would not be hard and there would be no leaves on the lily so that is less work. I am going to do the Cala Lily on the Brother in wool and felt it. I am sure it will come out really soft and pretty and no visible stitches. Stay tuned for that.(If I can find the pattern again!) lol


St. Patrick’s Day Scarf on the Passap Machine

2 St Pat's day scarves 2stpatdayscarves

I had an order for a St. Patrick’s Day Scarf that I first posted on my blog way back. The bad thing was that I cleaned up all the files on my computer and saved to disks and flash drives and I could not find it. I first made the one on the left but the customer said it was a little busy. So I went to my blog entry and zoomed in on the picture to make larger and came up with the scarf on the right. The funny thing is that I looked at the original and I don’t know how it came out looking cute(that is where the customer saw it and contacted me) It had stitches just thrown in randomly.

However, she like the second one. I used 46 stitches and 42 rows for design. I used the shamrock picture from a dishcloth design I had. I divided it into four and then added borders. I used technique 183 and one strand of each color of 2/24.I used tension dial 2.5  and I knitted 1260 rows . The scarf is 5.5 inches wide and 66 inches long.

Knitted Leaf Trim



For years I have looked at this trim for a collar and always wanted to try it. The design first appeared in the Nihon Vogue Spring/Summer 1990 hand knitting issue. Lynn Wohlsen converted to row by row directions to knit this on the machine. The directions are in a magazine called Design Studio by White Spring and Summer 1993. In the magazine the trim is done in cotton and you can see great detail. I knitted this in wool and the first try of the three leaves is incorrect. The single leaf  is the pattern I did correctly. You start on waste yarn and ravel on 6 stitches which is the base of the leaf on the right in the top picture. Then it is a series of increases and reformed stitches.. One leaf is 18 rows. On the last row there is a decrease on the edge of the leaf and then you bind off 5 stitches and end up with the original six you started with.  I am going to try felting the 3 leaf sample but I think the detail will be lost. The mistake I made in the group of three is because I did not follow the directions! It says to transfer a stitch to the next one and there is an empty needle. Then you reform the stitches to the left which means they are now knitted stitches. It says to do full fashion increase from the reformed knitted stitch and put on empty needle. Well, since it is a knit stitch there is no loop to pick up so I used the purl stitch to the right to fill in the empty needle. Duh! I knitted it over and found the bar on the knit stitch and that is how you do it. You actually want it to pull in tight so that you see the detail on the edge of the leaf that is not bound off. Look closely and you can see the difference.


Baby Afghahn for Alexa on the Passap

I made an afghan for my nephew’s first child and it had his name on it. Now his wife is pregnant with a girl and I just now decided that I better do something and the shower is Saturday! Her colors in the room are pink and purple and green and decorated with butterflies and flowers.  I had the pink, dark pink and purple but did not have the lime green in a 224 so I did not want to do a four color with the wrong green. I found a green in cancun and I will duplicate stitch the centers of the flowers to add a little more  color. I did that in the second picture. I only had two hours last night to design this and 3 hours this morning to knit. I still have to bind off the top but took it off on waste yarn and can do that in an evening.  I am not crazy about the afghan  and I should have known by turning the butterflies that they would look elongated but I have to tell you that there is not one mistake, no pusher problems and I will tell you what my settings were. Tension masts were all set at 6. Two strands of 224 for each color. The cast on was TD 3, CX rows were 4 and the N/N row and final tension for the afghan was 4… on front bed and 5. on the back bed.  The afghan is 180 stitches by 190 rows using technique 199. The only time I had to stop was to add yarn when second cone ran out. I was in a hurry to take picture because I have to leave the house but it is a really pretty pink for the main color. It almost looks white in the picture.

Felted Purse with Metal Handle and Knitted Flowers

My friend Linda from Craft Gossip gave me a purse she knitted and felted with this handle on it.(Noni pattern) The problem was that when you opened the purse and then closed it, the metal sides ended up on the outside of the purse. I took the measurements of her purse, added an extra inch at the sides and figured out the stitch and row gauge for my pattern. As you can see from her pattern, the shape has changed at the top but not drastically.  I have not put the handle in permanently yet and it is a good thing. I want it where the ball clasp is on the right side for balance. I have to correct the smallest flower. By the way, I did crochet the filet lace table runner that this is on. It took me 7 years of working on it only on vacation in the fall and some at home. When I got close to the end, it motivated me to finish it. It is 41 inches long by 28 inches in width. I made a matching one for my smaller table that is 18 by 25.


I love Linda’s choice of colors. Unfortunately, I did not have that color. She crocheted her three flowers and I knitted mine. Information on the knitted flowers are in one of my previous posts. (October of 2011)

Felted Purse with Owl and the Moon

I knitted and felted this purse differently than the others. It was an idea that I got from my friend  Linda on Craft Gossip. She does not know about the idea. Hee hee. She had knitted a purse according to a pattern and I liked the way the top was done so I used it on this one. I did not want a flap to interfere with the needlefelting.Here is how I made it. I knitted 20 rows for the bottom on 60 stitches. I added 12 stitches on each side for the sides. Usually I just knit straight up but I wanted the purse to curve in slightly so I decreased every 20 rows on end stitch and needle 31  on each side.(total of 4 stitches to decrease) I knitted 82 rows,  I bound off 4 stitches on each side which were the stitches left from the 12 stitches added on( and after the decreases) and knitted 20 more rows on the remaining 60 stitches and bound off . I rehung the bottom and knitted 82 rows without decreases and placed a marker and knit 20 more rows and bound off these stitches. I turned the flaps at the opening to the inside and tacked them down and felted the purse. At the top on the sides between the front and the back where there were four stitches I placed a gold grommet for the handle.  I knitted circular for the handle. I knitted 15 circular rows, I took the stitches off on waste yarn and put through the purse grommet and  hung the beginning on the same needles and knit 85 circular rows, placed a marker, knitted 15 circular rows , took them off on waste yarn and put the tube through the grommet  and hung the last stitches on the row with the marker and bound off. Now I have to buy magnetic clasps and they can be placed on the inside flaps that I knitted extra without showing on the outside. I am also going to place a very slim dowel rod under each flap so that the purse stays straight at the top.  I am now working on a little makeup bag with a button to match and will post next.

Hope I have not been too confusing with my instructions. The color is a Heather Brown. The design I bought from Dreamstime Web Site.