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Cleveland Browns Afghan on the Passap

I finished this afghan last night and I learned quite a bit from doing it twice. This is a pattern I made with a graphic. It is for a fund raiser. I only used two strands of 224 for each color and hardly any bleed through. Under the afghan you will see two pictures of the back of both afghans. When doing 4 colors , there are a lot of rows knitted on the back bed . Sometimes there were so many stitches that I had to constantly check to see if all knitted off. Well, while doing a hem awhile ago for a sample the directions said to use the black strippers. So…..on my second afghan, I used the black strippers any time that there were too many rows on the back bed and I did not get more than 2 “not knitted” stitches. When I did the lettering, I switched between orange strippers and black strippers. It sounds like a lot of work but in the long run, I did not have to worry about the stitches on the back. I still want to do some changes to the pattern before doing again. The lettering for Cleveland and Browns is the same height but I would make the lettering smaller the next time and maybe put more stripes in. Also, I want to work on the helmet design more. Both afghans came out the same size using the different strippers.